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Funky Buddha Lounge

728 W Grand

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Detail for Funky Buddha Lounge : Dance

Funk/House music Sun,Tues & Fri; Latin Grooves on Wed & Sat; and World Rhythms are featured on Thursdays. Cover $10(women),$20(men). Located near Grand and Halsted. - sys, 12/26/1999

Last Night Was the first time at the Funky Budda and I Loved it!! Music was AWESOME and the People working the bar and door were VERY NICE down to earth not your typical "Yuppie" "I live in the city type". although it took me awhile to find the club it was a GREAT time once I did get there. and A MUCH THANK YOU and APPRECIATION to Kevin whom was working the door and helped me with directions via cell phone! Thank you Again Kevin!! - marc, 09/14/2003

This lounge features great drinks, a non-smoking room, and great live music and DJs that run the gamut. Open Mon - Wed 10 pm - 2 am, Thurs - Fri 9 pm - 2 am, Sat 9 pm - 3 am. - Alotta, 09/17/2003

I was at the funky buddha luounge sun the 13th and had a blast the best dam show I have ever seen iI have been

Chicago , Funky Buddha Lounge

going to the buddha for four years now suggestion start sending text alerts of up and coming events bilial was off the chain
- kevin, 05/21/2007

$20 is waay too much to get into this place for guys.Especially when you can go to a much bigger/more popular lounge. Pretty soon all you'll have are females in there. How about a set cover at $10 or $13. Something that normal pockets can take each week. Help the brotha's out! - JohnJon, 07/11/2003

Yes I help promote the place that is sooo nice and fun to patron. Thanks go to Mark, Anna, Kunika, Lonnie, Kam, Alex and the rest who I might have forgotten that has made this lounge an exclusive and enjoyable place for everyone. - Jason V, 11/11/2005

way too expensive to get in for men to stand around and scream just to talk to each other!! - Steve B, 11/11/2005

It's finally nice to find a club with an atmosphere so diverse. The music and the crowd are suited for every culture, nobody should feel uncomfortable here. The Funky Budda Lounge brings everyone together in a cool environment. It's one club that

Chicago , Funky Buddha Lounge

I can say is worth the money.
- KLS, 09/01/2002

I think The Funky Budda Lounge is a great club with cool people and a great atmosphere. The best fun spot on a Saturday night!!! - Karlene, 02/05/2002

It was a pretty cool place.. But the dance floor got SO crowded i Felt Clausterphobic.. Maybe a little more space huh?!! - Nasha, 01/11/2002

I was here with Mark the owner and this place Rocks. Sexy, sensual and very clean atmosphere. Hope to see you again........ - Tanya T, 11/11/2005

The Funky Budda Lounge is phat. I nice diverse group of people just chillin enjoying the scene. Its tight. - Brad K, 11/11/2005


My home boy and I, Ghost, went up from Miami, Fl. we were extended club courtesy and I must say that the joint was jumpin. Slammin musical varieties and the honies was tasty. Danced reggae, calypso rythm and blues and the dj mixed them tunes, ya know wat Im sayin. WORD - robskiluv, 10/28/2000

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