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Detail for Gamekeepers : Bar/Sports / Bar

Good food and great service are served up at this Lincoln Park sports bar. Darts and pool. Over 35 TVs ! - sys, 02/27/2000

Ahhh Back in the day Gamekeepers was a fun, cool place to hang, but sadly now it's just bull$hit! The bartenders act irritated that you order something other than a beer. They need to get some fun loving people working there again and not the stick in the mud crabs they have now - AG, 09/08/2011

Let's take ii back to March of 2008. I was there in the back bar watching the tournament when a table of 6 skipped out on their bill. My friends and I took the effort to make up the difference to the tune of 200% so that the bartender in the back bar didn't eat the bill. Fast forward to tonight....Same people in town. As a Chicagoan I could not have been more embarrassed. The same woman was working the back bar and she was rude to say the least. A lady in our group ordered a vodka/cranberry and it was as red

Chicago , Gamekeepers

as the day is long. When I asked the bartender about it she said I would have to pay to remedy the situation. We were all appalled. We had been to two other bars that night and had nothing but amazing service. I will never be back to your bar. Sad state of affairs. I know you will not miss our business due to the plethora of popped collar dumbshits in Lincoln Park, but it is a shame that people from out of town get such a terrible impression of Chicago.
- Skyler, 06/29/2008

This place rocks! We went for the LSU game and ended up staying till 4am. WOW...had a gr8 time - thanks! I cant believe how many TV's were in this place. The service was excellent and the atmosphere was outstanding. My girlfriends and I couldnt get enough of the bartender - a laugh a minute and a nice late night spot. Gamekeepers is not one of those 'uppity' places...very melow and fun. - Karen & Christy, 11/27/2006

This place rocks for sports...the flat panels on the walls, the service and the great atmosphere

Chicago , Gamekeepers

make Gamekeepers an ecellent place to watch sports... I hear it gets pretty busy late night also. Thanks Tommy - u rock!
- Jessica, 10/10/2006

I counted over 40 t.v's now! Every time I go in there they put more up! - hotty, 03/29/2003

one of the all time greatest sports bars. the measuring stick for all others. - smarty, 05/08/2002

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