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Get Me High Lounge

1758 N Honore

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Detail for Get Me High Lounge : Bar

This tiny, intimate spot makes for cozy conversation among its patrons. Stop by Fridays for "rare groove" nights, where the DJ won't overpower you. No beers on tap, but a decent selection of bottled beers, wines by the glass, and martinis and cocktails make up for it. - Alotta, 10/09/2003

Back in the day, the GMH was a great little spot. The backyard was my favorite place to hang - those moldy, old sofas! You had to walk across the stage to get was priceless! I wouldn't dream of going there now - it would ruin my fond memories of the Chicago of my 20s. - swedishspeed, 08/01/2011

Lived in bucktown from early 80s to 04. Back in the day you could go to GMH and have a drink and literally stand in the middle of the jazz band. Those days are long gone it seems - Rob, 10/28/2010

I lived in Wicker Park in the '80's. Back then there was a pharmacy at Damen and Milwaukee, the Busy Bee and Friars. The Get me High was a nice little club with great jazz. I

Chicago , Get Me High Lounge

remember people who would get done playing at the Jazz festival and then drop in and jam till closing. Well Wicker Park changed hands long ago. It became chic, gentrified and not much fun. Pity about the club but they went down hill when they moved to Rush and then back again.
- Bob, 10/17/2009

I first went to this place in '86, when the hood was not a safe place to be in and the bar was a very different place. It was dirty, the piano was up on milk crates, and they had real jazz by real musicians. On 2/12/09 it was closed and nobody would ever have known what went on in there a couple of decades ago. - Feelin' Old, 02/14/2009

Years ago, this was a nice quiet little neighborhood bar where the locals could have a beer in peace. When I left Chicago in '05 it had long since lost that appeal. Last time I was there, it looked like a hipster yuppie magnet. If you want a real Chicago bar with real working-class Joes and Janes, go elsewhere. This ain't

Chicago , Get Me High Lounge

it any more.
- Expatriate Chicagoan, 04/22/2008

I remember drinking Old Styles here, after work, with neighborhood locals, and having a mellow blast using the local news as smart-ass-bar-humor-fodder. That was when The Chi still had class. Look at this generic abortion. What are people thinking? Is Chicago really going to turn into one big set of a "Friends" style singles movie? BORING AND TASTELESS. - TRSLOANE, 03/02/2008

I used to live in this neighborhood before it became gentrified and full of over sized SUV's. I hate this bar and all that it stands for - A long way from home, 06/22/2003

I love the atmosphere that is provided, especially having someone spin, givin the size of the club. I do, however, feel that the prices on the drinks could go down a little so I could enjoy myself all that much more, and not have to leave for the night. With proper tip and could spend a whole lot for one night. I love the club though, and wont stop from going in every now and then. - Kelly Fredericks, 04/14/2003

I went with some friends for a drink, and evidently the bartender didn't think his tip of $1.50 for two drinks was enough, so he verbally refused to serve us the rest of the night. I told him I didn't appreciate that very much, so he had 3 bouncers put me in a chokehold and threw me and my girlfriend out with physical force. I had only had 1 drink that night. I smell lawsuit! - Assaulted, 08/03/2001

this place is in a cool area, under some old tracks . the people who work think they are way too hip and trendy. small. - chimat, 11/19/2000

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