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Hangge Uppe

14 W Elm

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Detail for Hangge Uppe : Nightclub / Dance

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Open Mon - Fri 5 pm - 4 am, Sat 3 pm - 5 am, Sun 3 pm - 4 am. This multilevel nightclub boasts two dance floors and four bars. DJs take requests in 'Rock and Roll Heaven' with tunes form the '50s and '60s, as well as today's hits. - sys, 10/18/2002

Love the good old rock music played in the lower level. BON JOVI, DEF LEOPARD, GUNS N ROSES..... Lets me be myself, relax and sing along and dance with the music!!! -, 11/13/2008

I thought the waitresses were the rudest people I have ever come across. I was asked to move out of the way so the waitress could stand in the spot I was standing in. Then later in the night one of the other waitress started a fight with me when she heard me commenting to my friend that the wait staff was rude. I will never go back to this club, what a waste of a night in Chicago. - Lisa, 11/13/2007

I was visiting from Tampa and Hangge uppes was the best 70's and 80's bar I've

Chicago , Hangge Uppe

ever been to. Thanks for my making my Chicago trip such a blast. You guys rock!!!
- Carrie McCall, 09/28/2002

OH MY GOSH! You have the most awesome 70s bar in the world. I travel a lot for work, and go out in major cities frequently. Whether with wild clients or old college gal-pals, your bar is tops. Thanks for always providing a great time, with good drink prices. - Diane, Neenah, WI, 03/17/2002

My buddies and I always have a good time at Hangee-Uppes. When I want some good'oll Rock and Roll we go downstairs and after midnight they play R&B/Hip Hop upstairs. Prior to midnight they play 80's, upstairs. Drinks are fairly priced. Great place to meet people. - ebbsoul, 01/24/2002

Went here for a bachelorette party last night and it sucked! The music was horrible, but the sound system was even worse. Who ever heard of charging the same person 2 different prices for the same drink. And what's with charging selected people a cover charge? This place just blew. You couldn't pay me to go back. Worst night of my life. - none of your business, 10/28/2001

I just want to add that I was in chicago for a seminar and I had a great time at the hangge uppe. the staff was great. the music was outstanding. the all around picture was great. thanx hangge uppe staff!! - bob knox, 01/19/2001

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