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Holiday Club (closed)

1471 N Milwaukee
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Fantastic blender concoctions, little umbrellas, big fun ! Music includes 'Polynesian Lounge' and 'Hi-Fi Lounge' formats. - sys, 12/26/1999

This tribute to the Rat Pack plays their tunes to get its patrons hopping. Half-off drink specials available nightly. - Alotta, 10/09/2003

Way Cooooool...Dadd-e-o! I celebrated my 30th back there on a Sunday night in October of 1996 and I have to tell you it was a great evening to get "lei-ed" or is "ley-ed." The Rat Pack was serenading the locals from the juke box and consummate bar bimbo was serving up the best cream drinks and polynesian treats from the Tiki Bar! John put together a really fab bar back in the mid 90s and I am hoping he is still serving up the Tiki on Sunday nights (They rolled the grasscloth wallpaper down from the ceiling to cover the walls in the billiards room. I understand they closed the original location. (Tis a shame!), but I understand they are up near Loyola in Uptown. Miss the bowling shirts. They should roll out another edition of those. Will always remember the quick

Chicago , Holiday Club

exit on my 30th as I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of the chicas who befriended me and my two friends: Paul and What's His name from Appleton, Wisconsin. Great Guys! Good Fun! Hot Chicks! and oh so wonderful croonage! Try out the new location. Dying to get a new review!
- TheeRustyAnchor, 04/14/2007

I read some of the reviews and I must say I do not know what the hell these people are talking about! I went online, I did the research, I got excited, I listened to my RAT PACK collection to get in the mood and then went into the night with my significant other to the so called 'Swingers Mecca' at Holiday to drink, eat, talk like Frank, Dean Sammy and the rest. I was even looking forward to hearing songs from said singers and sing along since I am a fan who couldn't wait to feel like Vegas at The Sands. I wanted to feel like I was there at The Sands when Frank, Dean and Sammy were there! What a major letdown! Let me

Chicago , Holiday Club

ask you folks at Holiday Club a question - if I was 50-60 years old and my wife and I were BIG fans of The Rat Pack and we heard about your place via the Internet or your ads in various local papers, would you say we were in for a treat at your establishment? Please be honest and look in the mirror and say that you and all affiliated with Holiday are full of shit! I went to both locations and at both establishments I encountered the same thing - music and people who would rather be at places like Mothers, Matyrs, Berlin, or any place that played the same tired stuff all other clubs play. Frank and The Summit would be rolling in their graves if they knew of your place. Frank would call on his mafia buddies to assassinate you all for this travesty to their legend! Needless to say, I am highly dissapointed! Abe
-, 07/15/2002

Hey man! I was there with a couple of pals back in '95 I think, and I still think it's one of the koo-kooiest places I've ever been. I still

Chicago , Holiday Club

wear the Sinatra and Rat Pack anniversary shirts proudly--and tell people I meet here in Toronto[I'm a bartender]to check your place out when in Chi-town.
-, 08/07/2001

Coo coo nutty kinda hipster atmosphere, ala the Sands 1961. Dern fine HUMMUS, I tell you what! - BRUCE DINGO, 11/04/2000

This place is wy hip especially on Sunday Tiki Night! - Jennifer, 08/25/2000

a real ring-a-ding-ding, standup joint! Great atmosphere and willingness to make all drinks! - a visitor, 04/20/2000

On a recent visit, we sat near the back bar, waiting to get menus / service ... no dice after 15 minutes. Not good ... - WEBMASTER, 06/22/2001

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