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Home Tavern

2828 N Lincoln

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What a dump. Smelly, filthy, and rats galore. This place should be shut down!! - anonymous, 11/12/2011

Whoa! I just happened to be in the neighborhood with a group of friends from New York, and we stumbled across this place! And we were glad we did! Great beer, great conversation, friendly dogs, and -- fresh free oysters! My New York friends were absolutely floored by the friendly atmosphere of the place, not to mention the relative obscurity of some of the liquors like Killepitsch. Do not pass this place up. I live out in the suburbs in Addison, but I plan to return as soon as I can for more! - Rizzo, 12/14/2009

This is the best bar in Chicago, if you want to get completely obliterated and sleep on the handy dog bed. I love the owners and the people that frequent this joint. It's my home away from home. - Peter Smiff, 10/03/2009

We went there with a small group of people and the place was real low key. The service ended up being that too as there were only acouple guys sitting at the bar in their 70's or whatever the bartender did not seem to want to serve anyone else. When they finaly decided to get up it was like why are you bothering me. Needless to say we had one pitcher of beer and left gladly. I guess they dont want business and from the looks of the place they have not had any to speak of in along down, smelly and really not friendly people working there. Plenty of other bars in the area so I and my friends would never hit this joint again for sure. - Sid, 11/05/2007

this is the perfect neighborhood place. Love playing with Potato, Elvis and all the other dogs who might show up. The owners are very friendly and so is everyone else in the generally older crowd. Not a huge selection of beers, but what they have is good. This includes better weiss beers on tap like Julius Echter or Konig Ludwig. - Barbara, 02/22/2007

Perfect Chicago place. We were greeted, at full gallop, by Nova, a Great Dane owned by one of the patrons, and Potato, the house pooch. We proceeded to pony up to the bar, selected from the wide selection of top-shelf German taps (and Old Style, naturally), and instantly started conversing with staff and patrons. My girlfriend took terms buying rounds with one of the regulars down the bar whilst I conversed with the bar matron about the movie 'The Quiet Man', which was playing on one of the TVs. The place began to fill up - but not too full - with folks who instantly started up conversations. This place is a true Chicago neighborhood bar - it feels almost like someone's living room - and definitely not to be missed, particularly if your idea of relaxing is good conversation and great beer in a welcoming atmosphere. - Zane, 01/19/2007

Cozy neighborhood bar in Lincoln Park where the locals and newcomers meet to share good times. The house dog 'Potatoe' welcomes the neighbors dogs with fun and games and every dog that comes in has a great time as do the patrons of the bar. There is always a good story being told and jokes to make you roll on the floor at times. It is a great little german bier bar in the not so hectic Lincoln Ave scene and you can have a great discussion with friends or play some pool and just kick back and relax. Their Fish Frys and special dinner parties are top notch and always the best food going. You might even get to meet ELVIS who sometimes makes a visit to the bar to welcome visitors.....article on Elvis was in the BARFLY newspaper in 2003. So bring your friends or come alone, bring your hound dog along too as this is a very pet friendly bar in the hood. - Terry, 08/20/2004

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