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Hopleaf Bar (Michael Louise's)

5148 N Clark

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Detail for Hopleaf Bar (Michael Louise's) : Bar / Belgian Ales

A neighborhood favorite, this bar features a wide selection of microbrews, blues/swing music on the juke box, and a friendly attitude.

Menu features leg of rabbit and Irish Stew. About 200 different beers are offered - 25 of the on tap! Delirium, Leffe, Alagash, Koenig, Pointe White Ale, Chimay, just to name a few. - sys, 01/08/2006

This singular bar features an outstanding beer selection. Over 200 choices include many Belgian beers, as well as European and American craft beers and a handful of rare drinks such as mead. No ordinary beer is served here, and there has never been a television in the establishment. Dinner service started in July, 2003, and like the beer menu, don't expect to find ordinary bar food on the list. The menu is comprised of seasonally changing dishes using fresh regional ingredients. Items include a smoked duck breast sandwich accompanied by ginger-tomato jam, and braised rabbit with grilled potatoes and paired with a bread salad dotted with currents. Open nightly for dinner. - Alotta, 08/31/2005

If you like Belgian beer like I do, and like to enjoy it

Chicago , Hopleaf Bar

in a cafe-like atmosphere, then you'll like the Hopleaf. Way north near Clark and Foster, this place is worth seeking out. Always very friendly and often very packed this beer cafe is the spot for the not-too-expensive tasty beer. This is a 'beer cafe' decorated with art deco posters and a vintage jukebox full of vintage tunes. Featuring almost two dozen drafts representing many regional breweries, especially Sprecher of Wisconsin and Bell's of Michigan, the Hopleaf is a great spot for a pint. What lurks further behind the bar and in the cooler is one of best bottled beer selections in the city. Just about all of the Belgian beers mentioned on this web site (and many more) are at the Hopleaf. I could probably devote an entire site to the beers that can be found at this bar. You'll just have to be courageous and try them yourself.
- Marc M, 08/31/2005

Hopleaf Bar  , Chicago

Hopleaf Bar  , Chicago

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