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Hotsie Totsie Yacht Club (closed)

8 E Division

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Open since 1936, this is home to Chicago's oldest bar to have operated in the same locale. A nautical-themed decor paves the way for an alternative to the usual Rush Street bar scene. Open Mon-Fri 3 pm-4 am, Sat 11 pm-5 am, Sun 11 am-4 am. - Alotta, 12/16/2003

We now have a tribute page for the Hotsie Totsie on Facebook. Go to: Hotsie Totsie Yacht Club and Bait Shop once you are logged into Facebook. Enjoy over one hundred photos dating back to the early `70's. Join the group, and post your own photos, stories & experiences of the greatest neighborhood bar ever. - eighttrackdave, 04/23/2010

Hung out there all the time from 1994-1997...the beer was cold and cheap and the crowd always friendly... - Sterling, 02/10/2010

I'm so sorry to hear it has ceased to be. Bill, if you are reading this, email me. and for the rest of the chi-town crowd, I love you, I love you all! HS was the epitome of a Chi Town neighboorhood watering hole!Some of my best memeories were made there. - Queue, 01/22/2010

Best bartending gig I ever had, miss all you guys and gals. - Dave (Banana) Jenkins, 12/31/2009

Greetings to all - Jersey (Skateboard) Pete !!! - Jersey Pete, 12/18/2009

I agree with what the other old Hotsie Bartender said. Lots of fun, mostly. A few of those regulars mentioned above have died. Jimmy Stixx just joined their ranks too. - Tom N. Hotsie bartender 1996-98, 06/16/2009

The Hotsie will live in my memory till the day I die. Stumbling in on the the place while moving in down the street was one of the luckiest days of my life. Long live Carlos, Jerry, Gary, and Mike too, 8 track Dave, Tip, Rove, Bob and June, Tuaca Dave, Cadaver Dave, Trent, Kevin and Jennifer, Hillbilly Paul, know it all Paul, Morency, Bob, Rich Gordon, Tommy from Zebra, Ed, Shawn, Colleen, Deanna, .........................Love ya all !!! - An Old Bartender, 09/05/2008

Gary De Angelis, original owner of the Hotsie Totsie Yacht Club & Bait Shop, passed away in April of 2006 at 71. If you would like to read Gary's eulogy, or sign his Tribune guestbook, please contact me directly at: The Hotsie was torn down in April 2003. -, 12/04/2007

Great Dive bar! Cheap Drinks! Good jukebox selection! I have been there three times over the course of several years and 8 Track Dave is always at the jukebox! LOL - Sara From Cincinnati, 07/29/2007

I cut my teeth in this place. Bobby Darrin on the jukebox, drinks being poured like it was ancient Greece, and let's not forget my old buddy Bill. Very Good Times. Nothing like HT in California! - Q, 05/02/2007

It might be a dive but it is great!!!! Great place to met your friends and the go out and a great place to end the night. The bartenders and regulars make the Hotsie what it is. - Sarah, 12/04/2001

The bartenders are jerks at the hotsie totsie. The place is a dive and set up so that it is nearly impossible to walk around the place without obstructions. - Roachy, 07/09/2001

Perfect Dive Decor. Tons of tackle and other stuff that nobody in their right mind would steal. Cheap drinks, good crowd and close to the 'civilized' watering holes. A must!! - Fogdweller, 06/26/2001

This place rocks after about 2AM. Lots of atmosphere and the regulars can't be beat. Make sure you ask for 2-2 when you get there... always a hit with the latenight crowd. - Gruvy G, 02/27/2001

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