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Independence Tap

3932 W Irving Park

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Open 11 am - 2 am Sun - Fri; 11 am - 3 am Sat. Enjoy a pint of beer of cocktail from a wide selection while hanging out with friends. Features 16 drafts, pool, Golden Tee, darts, football, free parking and party room. - alotta, 02/25/2000

This is a great location and big bar! They can do a lot with it! They need more specials, bands and more reasons to go in there. Nice place! - James, 06/28/2008

I really like this bar, it offers a lot, so many beer selections and a wide range of very stimulating conversation, Nicole really brought the energy to this place, I used to come by when she was here, I still come in now, but unfortunatly this guy Al never shuts up so its ruins my time - silver fox, 03/20/2008

NIcole is the best bartender I have ever met and its a real shame that she has left we will miss her until the day we die, Thank you for all the cold beer and good conversation, you made our lives worth living even though they are not, and we should probably kill ourselves - cubbies are the best, 03/06/2008

Free pool on Saturday and Sunday! - Ann, 12/28/2007

Great bar, cheap beer...Nicole has finally left, new bartender, great bar, starting to become a fun place to hang out again. Free Pool on Saturdays after 8pm - CubsFan, 10/26/2007

I just moved into this neighborhood and was happy to see a nice looking neighborhood bar within walking distance. Unfortunately when I went in there and discovered the service is horrible I never went back. - Julie, 09/13/2007

This is a cool bar and great location. It's too bad they don't serve food, just frozen pizza, popcorn and nuts and stuff like that. The service is not always bad there, they just have that one who seems aggravated to be there and takes a long time. The best prices are on the drafts beer. They have mini- and full pitchers of beer selections! - Kevin, 09/19/2007

You never ever get a free drink at this place! Cheap owners! - Tony, 08/28/2007

If you like a bar where NO ONE ever goes into, where you wait forever to be served (when that Nicole is working) and NEVER get a free drink......then this is your place! - John, 07/13/2007

Rebecca doesn't work there anymore. It's just that one chic (Nicole) who is a bad bartender! - Dave, 07/26/2007

Great place to go when you want to be ALONE. No one goes in there anymore. - Terry, 07/25/2007

Nice bar but no one ever goes in there. No regular customers at all! They get business from wakes from the funeral home next door to it. The place is getting infested with gang bangers on the weekends. It's a shame! - Jim, 06/27/2007

Freezing in the winter and hotter than hell in the summer. No one hardly goes in there anymore either. Nice bar otherwise. - J., 07/09/2007

They have a nice selection of beer but talk about mis-management! - Jeff, 06/06/2007

The bar has everything to offer except for good service. When Nicole works you might as well get in your car, drive to the store, buy some beer and come back because that is about how long it takes to get her off her cell phone and bar stool to wait on you! - Honest AL, 06/15/2007

It's the only bar I have ever been to where they do NOT give you a free drink (EVER). You could sit there and spend $100 and not get a free one! I asked them why and the bartender said they were told they would be fired if they gave a free drink away. That is not a very good way of running a business! It's not the money issue; it is showing appreciation of your business and wanting you to come back. - Kevin, 06/01/2007

The bar is really nice, they just need to replace Nicole who does NOT know how to bartend! - Brian, 05/31/2007

Nicolette!!! We LOVE the way you fill out those shirts! Stop covering up and show us what you've got! We love it and want more of it!!! See you again soon! - Al G., 03/24/2007

Great bartenders; Nicolette & Rebecca! Great to look at too, while you're downing a few pints of the good stuff. - Al G., 03/24/2007

Good Choice! - mjm33, 01/30/2007

Good Choice! - mjm33, 01/30/2007

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