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Jay's (Ranalli's and Jay's) closed

343 W Erie

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I went with a couple friends to Jay's and my male friend left the table to play some pool while I was eating and drinking with a girlfriend. Since we arrived to the place, the waitress was really rude and when she brought our appetizer she throw the plate on the table. We didnít leave the place because we had already our drinks and we just were there to have a good time. After the plate incident, she came to our table and began picking up our drinks and food (that by the way were half full) and told us (my girl-friend and I) that we had to leave and that we couldnít come back to Jay's ever again. The Bartender was yelling and pushing our male friend, at the same time as he was insulting him and telling him to fuÖ. his girlfriend (while pointing at her). She felt really insulted because she didnít do anything; we didnít even know what had happened. Of course, we left right away all confused. The way they manage the

Chicago , Jay's

situation was really insulting and amateur. After the bartenderís offensive references I strongly believe that wouldnít have happened if we hadnít had an accent. I also believe the owner, company should carefully consider the kind of people they employ and review their policy (if any) of throwing out an entire party if their personnel have an argument with a single customer. That is abuse of power and it is sue able when finding discriminating reasons. Honestly, I donít find another explanation.
- I. Torrijos, 09/27/2004

This place sucks!!! The service is terrible. The bartender have a horrible attitude, he's really rude. The service at the bar tables is also horrible. The Latin waitress who took our order was too irritable and our food was thrown on the table. We didn't get any silverwear for a while and she put the check on our table before we finished our meal. - R. Grant and K. Gray, 09/27/2004

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