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Junior's Sports Bar (closed)

724 W Maxwell St
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New entry to the University Village Marketplace ... now open! This is the most upscale sports bar in Chicago - decor is very modern and hip. A great selection of martinis and specialty drinks is offered ... try The Dude (a 16 oz White Russian). Menu includes nachos, calamari, crab cakes, salads, Angus burger ($9), Drunken Pig (pork sandwich), meatloaf ($9), pork chop, Icelandic Cod, and the NYC Reuben. Plenty of plasma screens for sports! - wm, 01/08/2006

Junior's offers a Saturday and Sunday brunch for $10. Brunch hours are 10am - 5pm. We stopped by on a Sunday at 10:05am .. and were turned away! The manager stated they were not set up yet. Recommended: call for the weekly brunch hours. - wm, 01/08/2006

Stopped by to catch the Bears game - no seating was available! This place got popular quickly! Recommended: try to stop by at 11am during Sunday playoff season. - wm, 01/15/2006

Sundays: Live Band Karaoke, 8pm, $3 Miller Longnecks

Thursdays: 35 cent wings and $2 Bud Light pints - wm, 06/05/2006

Junior's is a great sports bar, don't get me wrong, alot of

Chicago , Junior's Sports Bar

space, a pool table, plenty of big tv's along with the personal tvs in the booths....but my last experience was horrible. First we get there for the special which was $2 draft night, however only 2 draft beers were available. No big deal. Then a buddy tries to joke with her to try to get a special on a mixed drink, no sense of humor just says no. Make an order of nachos, we get 6 individual nachos with stuff on it, not the typical bowl & dip. We politely apologize & ask if we can change order bc we didnt know, she replies that she'll 'see what she can do' bc she claims she mentioned it and takes it back to the kitchen & brings the new order. We get the check & still get charged for the nacho order that we never touched! When we ask about it she says that she couldn't do anything so I ask her why she didnt say anything bc we would've eaten it. Her response, 'I'll bring it back out', which

Chicago , Junior's Sports Bar

was about 20 minutes later.
- disappointed customer, 01/06/2007

the service was horrible, the waiters had to be asked numerous times to get water, napkins, and more sauces for the food. The manager laughed in our faces when we told him how upset we were about the service. she never paid any attention to us 'cuase she also has other tables' those were her words exactly...she also forgot part of our order and stated the kitchen forgot to bring it out - upset, 12/08/2006

The food and atmosphere are great here, but the service is poor. Every time I've been there I've had long waits for menus, to get drinks, to have orders taken, and to get the check. I'm not sure why this is, it is a great place otherwise, but the bad service can really ruin an experience. - nicnac, 11/09/2006

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