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Ka-Boom! (closed)

747 N Green

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Detail for Ka-Boom! (closed) : Nightclub / Dance/Pool

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Variety is the theme in this mega-complex nightclub. The main room has your basic techno-house mix. To the side, there is the alternative room, playing everything from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Front 242. At the end of the first floor is the Disco Room, complete with large, round, yellow booths. The Friday performance of Disco Dynamite is a must see. Upstairs, a juke box plays hard rock while patrons shoot pool. - sys, 12/26/1999

looking for a guy Aaron who use to go there often around 1995-1996??? - ruthie, 10/23/2010

That was so sad when they did close ka-boom down, but it closed because of all the problem's that started thier, be real, i know for a fact comming out the club one night, going up them long stair's the had, two people were holding a guy with his neck slit,i sprung into action to try to help him,when the ambulance came i left him with his two friend's, because i dnt see who'd done it,and wan't going to be any help on that, i never forgot that night, i still

Chicago , Ka-Boom!

wonder if that guy lived or died, the weekend after that there was a shooting, and that was the real problem i think.
- Evelyn Santiago, 06/30/2010

I am from pakistan and went to IIT in early 1990's and loved going to Kaboom... ws getting nostalgic and thought of reading up on it and was sad to read that it has been closed...I miss Chicago and miss - abrar, 02/15/2009

we are opening up in march and yes we arelooking for good people. more info at or tantrik chicago myspace or facebook. we are going old school.!!!!!!!!!!!!! - the greek, 02/15/2009

KaBoom rocked back into the 90's. One of Kenny Smiths best bar. Great dance floors and VIP area. Loved the entrance which they decorated every month with a new theme. I miss all of Kennys bars: Exit (On Wells not North Ave) KaBoom Esotaria Big Nasty Out Takes Kit Kat Club..(Only opened for two months) High Tops (Only part owner) And CROBAR.. which now he only owns the Miami Beach one that brings in $100,000 a month profit for him. Now the clubs have snooty people that get emotional and stupid when they drink. But can you blame them when they charge $30 to get in a $200 bottles of liquer if you want a seat. - Doug E Fresh, 12/23/2008

Major old school DJ's looking for this to reopen for a return. - Belmont Crew, 12/25/2008

Heard from a several ppl that tantrik will be the new it thing for 2009....any chance you are auditioning go-go dancers?! - Kristin C., 11/10/2008

we are opening up again in the space of ka-boom as tantrik - the greek, 11/06/2008

Yo whats up I used to be the guy who ran the parking lots yes those were the best yrs of my life of clubing. you cannot top the kaboom days they were truely the best nights of my young life. I used to have that place cuffed from getting anyone inn at the door when the lines were around the block to selling comp passes out side for 1/2 off the cover. ya that was me I was there the first day it opend till the last day... - tony, 03/07/2007

hi how are you? i hope all lover of kaboom are just fine and missing kaboom as i do . i love that place when i came to chicago in 1996, i went to kaboom and i had such a good time and i still miss KABOOM. i'm in pakistan and opening the store and the name of my store will be kaboom. my e-mail add is - ali hussain, 07/16/2003

I use to work there but moved to Tucson Arizona. Even working Club Security there I miss it so so much. They were the best days of my life..... - Dave Vallas, 05/30/2003

so when r you going to open da kaboom club one more time for the old school house music heads we need a club like that to be around once again Please email me back -, 05/16/2003

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