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Karaoke Korner

5719 N Central Ave

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Chili's Karaoke Presents the original 'Gong Show' every Wednesday night at 115 Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park IL (708-388-8881) It's a madcamp romp as singers, dancers,comedians, magicians, etc. take the stage for the approval (and dis-approval) of three 'celebrity' judges. Ron 'Chili' Larson is hillarious with his portrayal of the irrerverent Chuck Barris. Acts have included a big hairy guy dressed as a nun singing, Like A Virgin. A man breaking eggs all over himself, while doing the Chicken Dance and Dr. Flamo humming, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, while holding his hand over well tuned candles. While odd acts are highly encouraged to paticipate, alot of the contestants are karaoke singers. At the completion of each act, the juges display their scores. The highest score at the end of the competition wins the prize. The award is announced that night in the past the prize has been hotel stays, tattoos, party packages, and cash prizes of $100 dollars. Open karaoke starts at 9:00, The Gong Show is at 10:00, with open karaoke again, immedietly following. If you are not in to the whole 'Contest Thing', it's still an impressive karaoke show. Singers perform on stage with the help of a professional sound guy, lighting guy, and producer as well as your host, Chili. That's four people assisting you to make your performance outstanding. The show has been at 115 Bourbon Street for three months, you don't want to let this one get away without trying it at least once. On a scale from 1-10 this show gets a 50!!! - Todd McFee, 04/28/2005

Karaoke Korner is Chicago's only all karaoke retail store. They stock thousands of karaoke discs for singers to purchase and also sell karaoke equipment for both the professional and home users. The store will allow you to hear the track of the songs you are interested in buying so that you get the version you really want. They have a stage in the showroom and people are often found singing there. They are also in the process of building a recording studio for vocalists. Karaoke Korner has years of karaoke experience and will help you with your singing needs. - Kiniku, 02/20/2004

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