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1920 W Irving Park
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Detail for Katerina's : Jazz / Live Music

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We've recently expanded our menu, and our kitchen is open till 1AM. We are closed on Sundays. We feature live jazz, funk, blues, Latin and Greek, etc. Mon.-Sat. Weeknights: $5 cover. Weekends: $10 cover. Early Friday show: No cover. Our couches have been replaced by tables due to seating demand. Visit Katerina's web site for more information. - Katerina C, 03/30/2006

Friday, May 25th; 6:30 to 9:00 PM;
Carla Gordon Sings Burlesque and Cabaret with Jim Cebastien at the piano
Combining the best of cabaret, burlesque, musical theater, and jazz, singer/songwriter Carla Gordon takes you on an unforgettable musical journey. Gordon is one of those rare singers who will have you laughing one minute, then misty-eyed the next. - wm, 05/07/2007

I think I need to explain why I am writing this (perhaps if only for myself).There are many reviews of Katerina's already on the Internet. Most of them are very favorable The few that are not, may contain a grain of truth in them but to me just all miss the point. Katerina's is an outright treasure that should be front

Chicago , Katerina's

and center in every travel and guide book about Chicago ! Without the slightest doubt in my mind the best combination of restaurant and nightclub this city has to offer. If you just chose to examine Katerina's just as a restaurant, I think the food would stand up to the best in the city. If you factor in the very reasonable prices you have got a value per cost ratio that any restaurant in the USA would be proud of. The grilled calamari (both styles) and the souvlaki are the best I have ever eaten anywhere. Though meatballs would seem on the surface a simple dish,I have been disappointed by Italian icons like Gene and Georgetti's and the Italian Village but not Katerinas. Just want a snack? The delicious Skorthalia,a creamy garlic dip served with crusty bread,will excite your taste buds, cure your cold, and end that evening's smooching all at the same time. I could simply go on and on, but let me conclude by saying I have been through about 98% of the menu. There is not

Chicago , Katerina's

one dish that I would not describe as at least very good ,so order what you like without the slightest worry. As a nightclub, Katerina's offers an intimate, warm, cozy, candlelit atmosphere that allows you ,if you choose ,to sit close enough to make you feel you were being entertained in your own living room. And what entertainment you can expect! Guitarist Alfonso Ponticelli, singers Grazyna Auguscik and Spider Saloff are Katerina's regulars and genuine world stars. If you don't already know those names, Google them and see.for yourself. Singer/pianist Judy Roberts is a Chicago jazz legend, while some of my personal favorites Guitarra Azul (neo flamenco)and Rio Bamba (Bossa Nova and Samba)and jazz singer Amanda Crumley are fast rising 'ones to watch'.These are just a few. Katerina knows music and just like with the food ,you won't be disappointed. Check out Katerinas web site for complete entertainment listings each month. Katerina herself is a friendly,gracious ,hostess who goes out of her way to make sure first timers have a great experience, so do not be afraid to announce it's your first visit. The staff works very hard. Bartender Liz is dearly loved by all the regulars and especially me. What about the criticism,you ask? If you are going to be fair,the place must have some faults you say. Well,sure. When I sat down to write this I made a list. It had maybe 6 items on it. And I tore it up because there was not one thing on the list that was not a 'nit-pick'. That is like having your Aunt Hattie fix you up on a blind date, finding out at the door its with Anna Kounikova and you tell her you don't like her shoes. .I stumbled into Katerinas mostly by dumb luck at first but having read this you don't need to be lucky. Please go to Katerina's. Its what 'Cheers' wants to be when it grows up.
- Randy F, 02/22/2007

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