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Le Passage (closed)

937 N Rush

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This upscale, classy, and traditional Gold Coast French restaurant transforms into an after-dinner lounge with dancing. Hours are Wed-Fri: 7pm-4am Sat: 7pm-5am Restaurant Hrs: 7pm-11pm Supper Menu served until 3am. Closed Sun-Tues. - sys, 01/17/2005

I love this place.... - AHAMEED, 09/28/2006

It's a shoe club - they look and they care. $8 beers and tons of snottiness. What's attractive about that? - Dollface, 06/26/2003

This place is absolutely awesome. The VIP room is totally hot. The music is absolutely fantastic. - christy, 06/02/2003

in your picture gallery you need to post some good looking men i.e.Marcos Cordova and Arturo Gomez ejoying your establishment along with the beautiful girls - mom, 05/11/2003

The decor of le Passage is nice (besides the very low ceilings). Other than that, the drinks are watered down and expensive. Most importantly, however, the door staff is the cheesiest, most rude, ridiculous, petty, power hungry idiots I have ever encountered. They made sure a group of us (who didn't know each other but met in line and all had the same experiences) will never go back. Although I live quite close to le Passage, I will go out

Chicago , Le Passage

of my way to avoid that gross place full of scummy employees.
- Basia, 04/04/2003

Starting with the entrance...
I have to say that Le Passage is on the of the few places in Chicago that makes you feel like your not a club in Chicago, but a glam underground club in NY. Beautfully decorated, plush seating, groovy laid back House, fun people, and VIP room that is going on. I can't get enough of this place, especially on Wednesdays.
- Paul Rodriguez, 08/14/2005

Very Swanky! And the music rocked (main reason to go).... the crowd was a nice looking bunch, a bit stuffy, but, a lot of eye candy. Management was rather rude, but over all if you want to get all dolled up and spend a chunk of change....... this is the place to go. - Krista, 05/07/2002

I loved it. It was a taste of the past and the future. Wouldn't change a thing. - mari, 10/06/2001

Le passage is always a blast! If your looking to get down with the best music and the most available women this is the place! - Brian Boehm, 09/24/2001

The place is really nice, but found the

Chicago , Le Passage

people to be way too into their looks
- Vic, 09/04/2001

If you are looking for an over-priced and over-aged nightclub then your in luck. Otherwise - stay away. I actually went on Bastille Day for the special DJ/drinks specials. Me and my date EACH paid $20 and believe that the special DJ excisted every night. ALL drinks range $8-$10 and I found the staff to be rather rude which I guess goes along with the French theme. The actual bar itself is somewhat unusual and nice but I'd opt for a different place any day of the week. - NICOLE, 07/16/2001

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