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Life's Too Short (Slow Down) (closed)

1177 N Elston
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Call for seasonal hours. Located on the river, this is a great summer hangout! The outside deck offers great views of the skyline, as well as a 300-foot boat deck. This bar features ping pong, pool, bumper pool, and horseshoes. Good selection of tap beers and bottles. Menu items are in the $7 - $11 range, and feature Tubbie Tube steak, shrimp critters, deep water scallops, catfish nummies, fantastic Felda fish sandwich, and glade buzzard chicken wings. Sauces include Suthin' Swamp, Arrestingly Spicy, Swamp, Mustard Funk, and Fiery Felda Fire.

Now offering Sunday reggae brunch. Please call to verify seasonal hours - this place is closed during the winter. - sys, 04/06/2005

We stopped by last week - the place is still closed. Be sure to call before stopping by here! - js999, 06/05/2006

Hey, My friends and I love LTS also. We can't wait till it reopens. Meet me opening night, I'll save you a dance! - Jackie Finneke, 06/16/2006

We stopped by last week - the place is still closed.

Be sure to call before stopping by here!
- js999, 06/01/2006

What a crock. Overpriced can beer,

Chicago , Life's Too Short

crappy food and puke decor. Every night is amatuer drinking night. Don't waste your time. The only thing you'll miss about this place is that you won't have to admit you went there.
- GentlemanJim, 06/02/2004

A few friends of mine had a very frustrating experience with the service at Life's Too Short. At a company function, we were rudely threatened to be 'thrown out' of the bar due to drinking inappropriately. There are much nicer and classier ways to go about informing this, and your staff chose to act in an impolite & offensive manner towards us. It's too bad that a bar that promotes the slogan 'SLOW DOWN - Life's Too Short' would refuse anyone the right to have fun in a large social group. We are extremely offended at your staff's behavior, will never again attend your facility, and in the future will steer people far away from the direction of your bar. - anonymous, 07/15/2004

I have never been treated so innapropriately and rudely anywhere else in my life. I am not exaggerating. I will be calling to complain to whoever

Chicago , Life's Too Short

runs/owns that horrible place. I went there with friends and family after a holiday party late on a Sat. night. We were somewhat extravagently dressed and not surprised to stand out like sore thumbs. Fine. What was NOT fine, was that the DJ basically created what was a potentially dangerous situation by attempting to incite a fight. Over the microphone, he asked the women in the group to 'show their tits'. When this didn't happen he proceeded to hurl insults at us, saying we were old and ugly etc. and mocking those who had requested songs earlier. This went on for a long time. Another voice (female- from where in the room I don't know) came over the speakers with a whining taunting tone about the fact we were complaining we couldn't hear the music. Keep in mind this is toward the end of the night at a 5 o'clock bar, filled with people who had had quite a lot to drink. Not only was the DJ attempting to humiliate us in front of a large group of people, but these people were drunk and easily riled up.

Chicago , Life's Too Short

The evening ended with a man telling my friend she was too fat to be wearing what she wore. I approached them and he pushed me hard to the ground. I sat on the floor stunned as not one staff member made a move to talk to this guy and get him out of there. I have worked as a bartender, cocktail waitress and door person at the Lounge Ax, the Hideout and Lula Cafe and have frequented many Chicago bars and clubs where the type of behavior displayed would not have been tolerated coming from patrons, and especially not employees. I am disgusted and outraged. Not that I think there is EVER any warrant for this type of behavior, but those of you who may be wondering if we did anything besides dress up for the holidays to incite this, we did not. As an employee of a bar and a restaurant, I always go out of my way to be polite to those serving me and I tip well. I had even tipped the DJ before he started with the insults. Htis is beyond an issue of bad service. A dangerous atmosphere was created.
- MT C, 12/14/2003

I felt that the staff was very rude, drinks were expensive and they did not have everything in stock, therefore your selection was drastically narrowed. Not to mention one of the staff members buddies, that was at the bar was very rude and called my friend a b**ch; and my group got kicked out and he remained. I feel that the atmosphere of the bar was cool, but staff totally needed to be replaced. I would rate this spot a -25! - Blanca Leon, 07/24/2003

Life's Too Short rocks my world. Very laid back and casual atmosphere. The decor is a riot. My waitress (sorry don't remember her name) was great to us and wasn't too pushy, but she was around whenever we needed her. There was a great cover band playing, and the open atmosphere made for a great evening for entertaining my out-of-town friends. Scale of 1-10...I give it a ten. If it were a scale of 1-11...I would give it an eleven. - olive, 06/29/2003

I did not appreciate your DJ's behavior on 2/22/03. I went to your bar to hear a local band I heard about. I did not expect to have women topless on the bar bouncing their tits at me. Your DJ was out of line by encouraging these drunk girls over and over to do this. I didn't see anything stating this happened often. - Anyssa, 02/23/2003

Nice atmosphere; terrible patron treatment. Scale 1 to 10 it gets a 3 (could of been a 9). - Local Chicago Man, 08/26/2002

Great Summer Bar!!! On a warm summer night this place reminds me of going to Florida. Great beer gardens and lots of room inside never makes you feel crowded. If you own a boat, this is a must stop in the summer. - C. Williams, 04/18/2001

Visited this place for salute to Harry Caray. They advertised participation for this event. When the time came, nothing. The bartender just shrugged his shoulders not knowing what to do. This bar really p.....d on Harry's grave that night. Great atmosphere but lousy bartenders and ownership. - ron bowles, 02/16/2001

Life's Too Short  , Chicago

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