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Martini Ranch (closed)

311 W Chicago

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In addition to Martini's, a good selection of tap beer is available at this River North hotspot. Music is served up by a CD juke box; DJs spin music on special nights. A seasonal art display lines the walls. Fantastic burgers and appetizers. Try the fries. Martini expert: Francesca. Open until 4am Sat; kitchen open til 3am. - sys, 12/26/1999

Features drink specials and dancing to music by the area's hottest DJs. - alotta, 01/09/2000

Lately it became one of my favorite places in Chicago. I found out about Martini Ranch few months ago. The first impression was a romantic lounge, however later in the evening DJ's started spinning house music. This place became crowded between 11:30pm and 12:00am. I didn't even noticed how this place turned into a nightclub. What I love about this place is a flavor of an underground. Many music lovers come here. I was never disappointed with music at Martini Ranch. Whenever I come here, I have a great time. Great crowd I would say. Looks like everyone comes to forget their daily problems and enjoy the evening.

Chicago , Martini Ranch

Another cool thing is that they serve food until around 3 or 4am. Especially for night crawlers like me eliminates the inconvenience of going to some McDonalds or whatever to get food. To me Wednesday nights is the place to be. Music is just amazing then. Very recommended place.
- Pete, 07/23/2007

I recently tried the place out and it was great. However, BEWARE if you're not used to drinking martinis! I'm not and 3 of them inebriated me! I'll definitely be returning though. - Tara, 01/16/2003

Try the monsoon martini. This place is great, Old School on Saturday Nights. - Jocelyn, 08/30/2001

I found the atmosphere at the Martini Ranch to be most in viting. The service was wonderful not to mention the food and drinks was all that. The music was off the hook all night and everyone seemed to be dancing and having a good time. I enjoyed myself so much that I have invited some of my co-workers and friends to come out and celebrate my birthday on Friday, June 15,2001 at the Martini Ranch. - Tiffany Epps, 06/12/2001

Martini Ranch is and always will be one of the greatest bars/clubs/restaurants/neighborhood hangouts/downtown hotspots in the city of Chicago. I have been going for years and I feel I must share this info. with the world: if you can visit this bar, do it, it will not let you down. Shots to Jamie, DDK, Fran, Brad, Klause (THE FACE), Hector, Scot, Harry the blade, Derick, Chris, and all the regulars. CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!!! Food, Drinks, People, Music, and Tons of Fun. - Caesar, 07/20/2000

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