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"Chicago's most intimate bar"; outdoor seating during warmer months. Check out the Silver Palm railcar in back of the building. Drinks are prepared with style. Recommended: Manhattan, Sidecar, Margarita ( not your usual mix) and the Cosmopolitan. Excellent selection of bottled beers - try the Dupont Belgian. - sys, 07/24/2005

Terrific place to get mullered on booze, despite the fact that it's only 20 square feet. Spent a couple of happy afternoons which dragged into the night in the Matchbox, with their vodka gimlet as the weapon of choice. Saw the happy hour guys come and go, then got crushed by the 10 guys who represented the evening crowd. Mashed. Thanks guys ;) - English Guy, 07/04/2006

The bar gets its crowds in basically 3 waves. The happy hour folks come after work for a few hrs. Then some folks show up after having chilled down at home and come in at like 9 pm, and after they leave they get the real late-night post-midnight night-crawler crowd or people getting off jobs at restaurants. It's usually always somewhat busy anytime even weekdays, and the

Chicago , Matchbox

weekends it's packed with everyone. The bar attracts all: professionals, lawyers, architects, musicians, loyal regulars, single, divorced, old, young, tatooed lesbians, you name it. If you like to smoke this is a good place, if not, you'll have to deal with it. Not many hot Lincoln Park type girls go there, unless on dates, cause it's not in their typical limited neighborhood range (i.e. east of Ashland, north of North.) and they wouln't know how to get there by themselves anyway.
- Regular, 07/30/2003

I came upon the Matchbox completely by chance, and I'm very glad I did. It's offerings of scotch, bourbon, and other fine whiskeys is truly impressive. However, I was stunned by the fact that it offers a selection of very high quality beers that I had always believed to be unavailable outside of my home region of New England, including legendary favorites like 'Fin du Monde' and 'Trois Pistoles' from the Unibrou microbrewery of Quebec and draft beer from the Shipyard Brewing Company of Providence. It was true serendipity, and the really friendly and knowledgable staff, tasteful music, and appealing setting (despite being a little cramped) makes it, by far, the best bar I've experienced in Chicago. - Jim McHugh, 11/25/2002

I was taken to this bar by a man that fell in love with me. All I can remember are the brandied cherries and excellent martini. Very small, but unforgetable - Lori, 06/01/2002

I'm a Saint Louisian - Every visit I make to Chicago - I head to the MatchBox first. They have very professional bartenders and prepare some of the best cocktails I've ever had - and they do it all with love. I recommend the MatchBox to anyone I know headed to Chicago. - Ryan Robinson, 11/29/2001

Matchbox is not only a bar but an energetic vortex of cool, funky folks. Whenever I go, I meet someone who knows a friend of mine or I meet someone who is talking to someone who knows a friend of theirs. It's like Six degrees of separation minus four degrees. And it's a great place to get up close and personal with attractive strangers. I sometimes go alone just to see who I'll meet. - Yin girl, 09/12/2001

One of a kind...atmosphere (somewhere between cozy and tiny), unique mixology, no pretense...the Matchbox is at the top of my itinerary every time I pass thru the windy city. Imagine happy (rush) hour on the EL, shrink the car in half, slow it down slightly, and you have the Matchbox. - g rote, 06/26/2001

the best joint in town! an excellent mix of newcomers, tourists, and locals always makes for an intimate and interesting time. there is no better crew in town... they make the best drinks, play the best music, and are the best conversationalists. drop by and lose yourself for about 4 or 5 hours. oh yeah, say make sure to say hi to Barney. - Patrick, 05/22/2001

I had a great time at the Matchbox the other night. I had drank a superb Portugese wine, danced on the bar, and was rewarded with a $20.00 tip! I'm not sure if the tip was for dancing on the bar or for drinking the superb Portugese wine. - Peter Finkelstein, 04/20/2001

I went with a bartender and he told me that Matchbox has lots of expensive and fine liquors. They are layed out in a long sweep behind the bar, and, with the low-lit lights and mirrors, make for a beautiful rainbow-y effect. Hint: when its crowded, and you have to go to the bathroom, leave out the front and roll around the side to where the bathrooms are -- else you'll never get through! - lyle, 05/24/2000

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