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McDunna's (Hoghead) (closed)

1505 W Fullerton
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Live music Fridays and Saturdays. Good selection of eats includes chicken wings and pasta. Recommended: the Suicide or Jerk Chicken sauces. Wednesdays: $1 bottles of Miller. Sports viewing on 15 TVs and 4 big screen TVs. Open until 2am daily, 3am Sat. - sys, 10/04/2001

The best upscale neighborhood bar in Lincoln Park. Plasma tv's for games, great music, good Pub Grub, awesome prices, and hot patrons and staff without the pretentious and stuffy attitude of clubs and lounges. This place is perfect for a group of friends who can't agree on anything because everyone will like it and fit right in. The crowd is mostly 24-30 young professionals in the area, but McDunna's welcomes everyone. A great place for games, private parties, special events, and people watching at the bar. - Info, 06/15/2006

This bar is great! Stopped by after the Iowa game and had a blast! Great service from small back bar (hot girl & friendly guy) Will be back soon! - Paul, 09/03/2007

I wish they updated their website a little more. They do a lot of trips, parties, and special events that

Chicago , McDunna's

I always have fun at but don't always find out about. As far as this place goes though, I give it a thumbs up. I really like this bar and would recommend it to about anyone in their 20's and 30's as long as you aren't looking for punk, country, or club music. It's pretty much in the middle with everything else.
- Mr. Rogers, 05/14/2007

I like this place. It's nice, but not so trendy you feel like you have to be dressed up to go there. The people are all pretty cool, the food is pretty to very good, and the employees are actually nice to EVERYONE, not just regulars. Lots of tv's for games, exposed brick, and it usually isn't so crowded you can't move....although sometimes it does get pretty packed. - Elvis Presley, 04/16/2007

How old are these photos? This place hasn't been Hoghead McDunna's in years. The front looks nothing like that either. This bar is a lot nicer than these photos. Anyway, I think this place is pretty cool. Nothing fancy, but pretty good prices, good specials, and a fun crowd.

Chicago , McDunna's

Wish it had an outdoor spot but I guess you can't have it all.
- Blake, 04/27/2007

I was there this weekend with my girlfriends. This place is awesome. Thanks so much. We had a party package and loved it. Everyone was nice and answered all our annoying phone calls and questions. - Jamie, 04/04/2007

Great place to watch games and just let it all out. I didn't expect much for food there but was pleasantly surprised and thought it was pretty good. Its always fun but lately it has just been getting crazy. I was there on St. Patrick's Day and it was an absolute madhouse (in a good way). Ask for Eddie or Andy. They're my favorites. - Justine, 04/01/2007

We had a blast at McDunnas! We watched a football game and we had a great time because of all of the different tv's to watch, the music was excellent, and the overall vibe of the bar is just FUN. The service was great, food was tasty and inexpensive, and the owner was there and made sure that everyone was having a great time. I would highly recommend going to McDunnas, especially if you are

Chicago , McDunna's

looking to hang out at a great pub.
- Heather, 11/28/2006

We stopped by on a Saturday, after 7pm. Service was excellent, as we were the only customers sitting at a table! Pool table, two bars, two fireplaces, games, a pretty cool place. Cajun Chicken Quesadillas were very good; burger was good also (your basic burger with tomato and lettuce). About 8 different tap beers, we sampled the Guinness and Bass. - js999, 11/07/2006

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