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Nocturnal (closed)

1111 W Lake

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Open Thurs - Fri 9 pm - 2 am, Sat 9 pm - 3 am. This West Loop nightclub features four distinct environments. Great dancing, music, and drinks! - sys, 10/19/2002

Do you remember the way Nocturnal used to be? Well, we are bringing it back to you. You'll start seeing some very familiar faces coming back on Fridays and Saturdays starting this coming weekend. Please check back soon and often to find out all the details on Nocturnal needs a great crowd of supporters like it had in the past to get it going again. I myself had the time of my life while going there while it was packed, Nocturnal is bringing back many of the faces that made it great.. Last Friday night was the premiere of V.I.P. Fridays and had a great crowd of supporters. I hope to see many supporters come out to see the many familiar faces that will be back there this Friday night and coming Saturdays. Cover will be $5 if you RSVP on or $2 Bottles $3 Imports

Chicago , Nocturnal

$3 Drinks $5 Jager Bombs Hope to see you all out there. As always featuring DJ's DJ Mixx - DJ Frank Fratto - Non-Stop Nick --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- NON-Stop Ent, 02/05/2003

I've been here. I really hate it. The music wasnt that great and the security was very scary. 'The sex room' was filled with people who should have been home doing what they were doing. Although the decor is's not worth going all the way to that neighborhood and paying the money to get in there. - Gosia, 03/20/2002

its not the best club its not the worst club.but i think that is the worst kind of review you could ever get.the only reason i even think i know a good club from a not so good club is because ive been clubbing since back in the medusa days after that shelter and since that crobar theres a lot of new clubs better like glow,rive,redno5,and zentra.the thing is that nocturnal is trying to hard to be a up scale club but there not and they dont have the music or atmosphere to be a crobar type of club but hey you never know maybe they will surprise us this summer at least i hope they will. but they have to remember if they dont spend the money on the dj or on getting a production company like pure or s.o.s to help them out they wont last to much longer you can make a club beautiful but if you dont have the beautiful people and the beautiful music the beautiful people like to dance to it wont chris(the owner) good luck. - crobar1, 03/20/2002

Nocturnal had potential, but it just isn't a good club! Although it is decorated nicely that can't make up for the poor music selection. I have been a few times specifically to see the advertised 'featured' dj. The music is great, for the half hour that the good dj plays. Then, for some reason, the featured dj leaves quicker than he began his set, and the crappy energy music begins. It is just not worth the drive to the horrible area that nocturnal is in to hear only a half hour of decent music. I will be sticking to where I know the music is good- redno5 and crobar!!! - true clubgoer, 12/12/2001

OK, with plenty of public complaints being heard about Chicago's nightclubs and grumpy security, this place sure takes the cake! I've been to Nocturnal 4 times with a group of people each visit, and there won't be a fifth - as we are constantly being followed around by paranoid security who think they're the secret service. Although the space is very nice and expensively decorated, the environment will turn your interests away. Their high-tech posh security getup inflates their ego's 10 fold, where they scope out individuals (or groups, depending on how much fun you look like you're having) and either follow you around all night and harass you, or hide out in a corner and stare all evening. I've seen people kicked out of here everytime I've been there, for something that probably wasn't worthy of being thrown out. At first I thought this was a good thing, as I am in favor of removing people whom cause problems, ect - but in these incidents I have witnessed, this was not the case. Nocturnal also enforces a dress code which does not cater to their crowd. From the type of DJ's they represent, which addresses the nightlife, they ask that you dress as if you're going to Club52, or some yuppie martini bar of the sorts. The music is decent, although they're trying to change that to fit their preference, and one of their recent ad's stated 'no glowsticks allowed'. Maybe next week they'll advertise 'no fun allowed' and kick people out for dancing instead of barsitting. Either way, this is one place my group of clubbers won't be returning to. You can find us at Crobar or redno5 having fun, and not being escorted out the door for it! space - clubgoer, 12/26/2000

Excellent nightclub! Has the biggest catwalk I have ever seen and the vip rooms are the best. Gotta see it!! - TammyGirrl, 10/22/2000

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