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RatingRatingRatingRatingRating     Rating: 5 planets.
     Had My Birthday at Ontourage last Saturday, The staff was GREAT and my party had a KICK ASS TIME! THANKS ONTOURAGE
           - Steve .. Jul 13, 2014 00:07:03

A unique concept in sound and lighting accents create over 10,000 square feet of visual excitement. Thursday is Ladies Night: free valet, coat check, and admission. - Alotta, 03/08/2004

This club is the place to be if you are ever in downtown Chicago. My niece Sally had V.I.P. Tickets, so they gave us, no hassle whatsoever. The drinks were awesome, as were the go-go dancers on stage. The dancers also on the dance floor were stepping up, and it was a great experience that I'll never forget! And let's not forget the music, the music is loud and upbeat! If you like to dance, this is the place to let go and rock your body down! Hastad next summer, Ed Arteaga - EdArt84, 08/22/2008

Get over it! if it was your 21st Birthday how many clubs have you really been too??? And to the person who commented on the AC if you go in August the hottest time of year in Chicago you will be hot anywhere. Seriously people call the club in advance they will put you on a list for free

Chicago , Ontourage

admission, drinks are strong, chicks are hot!! and who wears gym shoes to a club???????
- D-CHI, 10/05/2007

This is the Straight up facts about the services and Business relations at the nightclub Ontourage. If you are NOT some major VIP player in the Entertainment game DO NOT GO. Ontourage has abandoned the customer service to local Chicagoans. Within my experience I threw a much anticipated MAJOR 21st birthday. I was in constant contact with an employee named JIMMY Z. I drafted two semi-contacts and presented them both in person and via email with the entire night specifics that JIMMY agreed apon prior to my 21st. The Night of my Party..JIMMY Z was no where to be found. I HAD NO TABLES, NO SERVICES AND ALL MY GUEST HAD TO PAY. The other Ontourage employees were rude and did not give a fuck that it was my birthday or what I had discussed prior with Jimmy Z. Not until I agree to PAY $300.00 + did anyone even talk to me. Ontourage will soon learn that if you DO NOT show love

Chicago , Ontourage

to the locals their Brand name will GET TRASHED.
- Sense This, 08/15/2007

I went July 15, 06 at about 1 am. First, there was a big hassle about one of our party members wearing tennis shoes, even though they are allowed Fri nite. Then, we saw several other guys with tennis shoes and were told by the bouncer that those were Kenneth Cole shoes. So, apparently there is a list of acceptable tennis shoes that exist in the mind of the bouncer. Once we were in, it was very hot. I think there was NO A/C. 2 small plasma tv's were the only thing running besides the music and they were not synched. The music was good, short bursts of pop music. (The only good think I can say about this club). The people were not dressed well at all, and considering how much hassle we had to get in, the argument really seemed ludicrous. - Shelley S, 07/16/2006

I had a blast! Great atmosphere, great time! - Tara S, 07/10/2006

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