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Pippin's Tavern

806 N Rush

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Free popcorn and a calmish, neighborhood feel await you at this Rush Street oasis that attracts an unusually diverse crowd. Light food menu available. Open Sun-Fri 11 am-4 am, Sat 11 am-5 am. - Alotta, 07/11/2005

If you aren't sitting at the "cool table", you'd better forget about it. Apparently if you're not a regular, you're not welcome. I live in the downtown area, and this past weekend my boyfriend and I were out looking for the pub -style atmospheres to enjoy good conversation and a warming environment. We noticed Pippin's Tavern, which I've passed several times, meaning to stop by and check out their beer selection. So, we decided to stop in and check it out on Friday. The door men had wonderful, welcoming personalities, but besides them and the interior design of the place, the rest of the evening was disappointing. We were basically discriminated against for not being "cool" enough to enjoy the place by pretty much all the employees except the door guys. One guy, I'm not sure if he was a busboy of some type

Chicago , Pippin's Tavern

or a patron, but he was hanging out with the waitresses all night and made unprovoked, offensive comments toward us that were overlooked by the waitresses and bartenders. We still aren't even sure what the guy's deal was, but aren't losing sleep over it either. The most unimpressive part about that situation was the fact that the bartenders condoned his behavior by ignoring us the rest of the night and never giving us a second round of beers, even though we were sitting directly in front of them at the bar. Overall, quite honestly, it was the worst bar I have been to in Chicago, but could have been one of my favorites if they were to hire less "clique-y" or more open-minded and accepting bartenders.
- Chicago Local, 12/09/2007

The best bar and casual dining restaurant in Chicago. My wife and I always stop here when we are in town, and now that our son is a teen-ager, it's his favorite spot, too. Fun, relaxing, great service and cocktails. It's so neat to walk from the windy, wintry Rush street and into the warm and toasty Pippin's atmosphere. You'll fall in love with it, too. - Mike, St, Clair Shores, MI, 12/06/2007

Fantastic atmosphere! - natalie, uk, 06/23/2007

I always stop at Pippin's when I visit Chicago. It's a great little place that is usually filled with locals. I was informed on this last visit that the lease is about to expire and will not be renewed. Seems the landlord want $10K more per month. Too bad - Farley, 07/19/2006

One of my favorite places to go. Have brought all my out of town friends there - they had a great time and always request to go back. Love the Hacker Pshore Wiess Beer - they taste great and they're fun to pour. Always a must stop when I come into town to visit family and friends. Pippin's holds a very special place in my heart! - Mo, Osceola, Indiana, 11/26/2002

Stopped by for a burger and a beer on a recent visit. Unfortunately, you were terribly understaffed (one waitress and one bartender) for a Saturday afternoon crowd. Burgers were OK, but the wait for food and refills was awful. Won't be back. - Diane, Neenah, WI, 03/17/2002

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