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Polk Street Pub

548 W Polk

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Good little neighborhood spot. The Burger I had was huge and came really good home cut fries. The service was good but most of all the bartenders were very easy on the eyes. Thumbs up.. I'll be back. - Bobby Dee, 09/17/2009

Found my new hang out in the south loop! Cool little Dive bar but the Food is great. The Burger Rocks. The bartenders are cute and the service was really good. They need better access to the beergarden, you have to walk through the kitchen to get to the Beergarden but it's nice with Ivy covered walls and plenty of tables. Go Check it out - Johnny d, 09/16/2009

One afternoon last week I stopped into Polk st Pub to have lunch on my break from work. First of all, the picture below must be from a long time ago, Angelica, my super cute bartender that day, told me the pub was under new ownership. Angelica recomended the "Killer Burger", so i went for it. The Burger hit the spot, huge 10 ounce patty on a pretzel bun w jack cheese and tons

Chicago , Polk Street Pub

of bacon served with hand cut home fries. I was in and out in a half hour and got back to work. Check this place out for lunch if your anywhere near the loop.. great spot
- Bobby Dee, 09/15/2009

my favorite new haunt,since the change of management. decent drink specials, good food, and an incredibly charming bartender! the address is wrong on the review BTW. it is 548 w polk. - mahgwah, 06/20/2009

great late nite place since they changed their hours. there is always parking!!! - jambo, 06/20/2009

The service sucks! - Sam, 05/15/2008

The polk street pub is good, except for this fat ugly annoying bartender named lila. And for the little bitch manager martin, he is about 2 feet tall and thinks he is the shit. Drink Specials Blow. - Johnny, 03/11/2004

Excellent pub. Attractive bartendresses, friendly staff, very reasonable beer prices, and the food's good too. On a recent visit the lovely female bartender broker her trouser zipper and had to change her pants. Excellent. - Kegman, 12/13/2001

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