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Rainbo Club

1150 N Damen

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One of Chicago's classic neighborhood bars; a place to keep in mind if you're in the area. There is a small stage behind the main bar - legend has it that it was used for Cabaret shows. On tap: Harp, Anchor Steam, Strongbow, Bud, and more. Open 4pm daily. One pinball machine and photo booth. - sys, 01/19/2004

This hip little spot is a favorite with locals. Expect to be greeted by the smell of smoke, whether from the puffing away of its many patrons, or from the fixtures that have soaked it up over many years. Live musical acts cover the range including punk, rock, alternative, and jazz. Full bar features reasonable prices. - Alotta, 10/08/2003

An OG (old guy) here, When we found it, they still had an accordion player doing polka on the horseshoe stage while the OG's drank slivowicz, and f'n boilermakers! They served us w/o carding and we watched them dance with their drunk wives until last call! First time I had 180 proof plum brandy. wowowogglly! I was an art nerd in '77-'80 SAIC. -, 12/16/2009

We visited the

Chicago , Rainbo Club

smoke-free Rainbo Club after 5pm Thursday. On tap: Kalamazoo Brews (Bells), Two Brothers, Guinness, Pabst, more. Taps are typically $4.50. A solo guitarist provided additional ambiance.
- ace123, 06/13/2008

a neighborhood bar caught up in neighborhood transition, this favorite of the locals now finds itself at the mercy of an ever-increasing number of stripies. weekends after ten or eleven get crazybusy, and while it is frustrating when all you want is a quiet seat at the bar, it is interesting watching the yuppies try to start tabs (cash only!). during the week, however, there is a much quieter scene in the early evening with a good crowd later at night. the bartenders are fantastic and unique, just like their choices in the music they play. art on the walls changes monthly, and there are always fresh flowers on your way into the ladies. this is truly the bar around the corner, with bartenders and fellow patrons alike becoming as familiar as the video store guys across the street. having recently moved, it is amazing how much i miss it. - c, 09/08/2005

cheap beer, good

Chicago , Rainbo Club

photobooth, mean bartenders with good taste in music. the best bar in chicago
- tt, 11/15/2003

This place is pretty cool. Sort of cheap, get the Budweiser. The music doesn't make sense: from Hank Williams to Michael Jackson to Kraftwerk. I got punched in the face for playing pinball while drinking a beer. I'm going back to fulfill my masochistic fantasies. If you show up in leathers and furs it's okay. Someone lit off fireworks here the other night; there was absolutely no reaction. I heard the guy from the Jay Davis Trio came in here to use once the bathroom. - whitecapper, 03/08/2003

A bar that was once really cool with friendly staff has turned into a yuppie bar where the staff are jerks. Went there the other night with a friend, bought some beer, started playing some pinball and within 2 minutes the lights went on, they turned the pinball machine off WHILE we were playing, and we had to leave before we could even finish our beer. NOT RECOMMENDED!!! - Eskerbillion, 08/04/2002

the only bar in chicago worth recommending... - pigshead, 09/03/2001

Rainbo Club , Chicago

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