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Red Dog Club

1958 W North

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The 'supreme funk parlor' makes good on its promise. Celebrities have been known to mingle with the local crowd here. Loft setting with views of Wicker park outside the lounge windows. Closes at 4am daily, 5am on Saturdays. - sys, 12/26/1999

Mon: Hosts Boom Boom Room (gay night with a mixed crowd), $5 cover, 10 pm - 4 am; Wed: old school house, hip-hop and funk, $6 cover, 10 pm - 4 am; Fri: house, $10 cover, 10 pm - 4 am; Sat: house $10 cover, 10 pm - 5 am. - alotta, 01/09/2000

it's been awhile since i last was in red dogs but i guess it hasn't changed to much miss the old dj's like dj rob thurmond an them but that was years ago jus happy you all r still holdin it down - fluffi, 10/12/2009

Let me tell you, I was in Chi in 93 and there will never be another place for several years, that built up as much a great underground time as the Red Dogg... The Legendary Red Dogg... I do not know what happened when i left Chi,

Chicago , Red Dog Club

but i can guarantee you that if i were there, we'd have another place like it. You will not find the deep underground loft spot with that hellified system and floors like you had at the Red Dogg... It comes around every 10-15 years. Thank you, thank you... From Club 88 in East orange NJ, to the Red Dogg, to my own spot AIR in DC where I coordinated the hottest party that took out Dream, a/k/a, Love 's happy hour because of how everyone wanted to be there... Catch me at the
- CJ, 03/23/2007

The economically disadvantaged crowds who assemble in this crack den should be at home with their five kids on Saturday night. They should not be out, committing serious felonies, in a neighborhood in which they don't live. I have lived in Bucktown for seven years and this place is the black eye of Bucktown/ Wicker Park. Recently, I witnessed a full-fledged riot break out on the street after the 'patrons' of this hole spilled out on to Damen Avenue at 4 a.m. It took five paddywagons and twenty-five cops to bring the situation back under control. Red Dogs clientele attacked cars, buildings, each other and innocent bystanders with every makeshift weapon which they had at their disposal. - Buck Town, 02/09/2004

Went last night and was blown away. Go Mondays. Beautiful. - got soul, 06/03/2003

I miss the old red dog - I use to leave in a sweat but now I just leave - thanks for the memories red dog - it will never be like it was again in chicago - JERRY, 04/25/2003


red dog is the place i'll always imagine when i think back to my housin' days. by far, the realest house club in chicago. - don, 11/28/2002

At Red Dogs when you walk in you feel the floor vibrating from all the dancing going on, aint no body standing still up in there! Its off the hook! - Jill, 08/15/2002

the red dog is off the chain they gotta be the hottest spot right now.The party dont stop from opening to closing time. - ginger, 04/23/2002

First you took away Psycho then Lil John. I'm afraid to go cause i want to know who is spinning so I can get a good workout in. All I know is Monday is a sure deal ! - gotta groove, 02/22/2002

red dog is the place if you like it hard and in your face! monday nights are always bangin' with dj lego. i'm danced out and hung over come tuesday morning! - valerie accelerate, 01/28/2002

Was there last friday, Jonny Fiasco, need I say more. Will definatly be there tonight. Red Dog has had the best house nights in chicago for a long time now. Thanks for the good times and memorys and for more to come. - chillin-n-chi, 12/21/2001

i love red dog because of all its lovely ladies and deep house beats... - mangler, 07/14/1999

Red Dog is one of the true places that keep it real. The sounds, the atmosphere. It's all Good!! - D13, 05/02/1999

this is the best club in chicago no exclusive entrance , and great music allnight long! - one happy client, 02/24/1999

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