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Red Head Piano Bar

16 W Ontario
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Open Sun - Fri 7 pm - 4 am, Sat 7 pm - 5 am. Your favorite drink goes down ever so smoothly while enjoyed in tandem with top area piano players banging out classic hits. Proper attire required in this intimate piano bar where good music and lively conversation go hand in hand. - sys, 10/19/2002

I went in last Friday night braced for an expensive cover, service with an attitude, and expensive drinks. Instead, I discovered there was no cover (though coats must be checked for $2). Security, bartenders, and host staff were friendly and helpful, and my tasty chocolate martini was a reasonable $9. To top it off, the pianist was outstanding!! The best I've heard in the city-wish I got his name. All in all, a great, down-to-earth time with fun for adults of all ages. - Babs, 12/09/2003

My girlfriend and I always visit the Redhead when we come to town. We live in Sterling IL and the Redhead never disappoints us in terms of entertainment and fun. - Michelle B, 12/23/2003

i like love this place. just go. there may be

Chicago , Red Head Piano Bar

some kind of dress code of no sandals or whatever but just get yourself in for some really good martinis in a dimly light piano bar.
- jms, 07/02/2011

I just had the WORST experience at this establishment. I have an old friend in from out of town and chose this piano bar because I have been there in the past and have always had a great time. Tonight, we had to wait in line for 20 minutes and watch patrons without reservations behind us get let in before. Then we get into the place to be greeted by rude waitresses. We finally find a place to hang out. We had one chair so my friend asked some gentleman at a table next to us if she could take one of the chairs from their table, they said yes, and one of the employees reprimanded her, took the chair away, told her he would get her another one and never came back. Then one of the old female employees dressed in a leopard patterned outfit starts to rearrange the table near us,

Chicago , Red Head Piano Bar

i.e. to separate two tables, and pushes the table and one of the chairs into my friend. She, the employee, comes back and proceeds to push the chair into my friend forcefully. When my friend confronts her, she does not apologize and walks away calling my friend a bitch. My friend already has bruises from where she was hit with the chair. To top it off, my friend voices a complaint about what had just happend to the door man who says, 'hey, whatever happens in there, happens in there.' And then makes fun of my friend to customers waiting to get in. I was horrified and will probably never recommend this place again. Chicago is a big city with places far more fun to go to without the attitude and annoyance. I was stunned at the bad service and unpleasant atmosphere. Too bad. S Frischer
- S Frischer, 04/18/2004

I enjoyed sleeping by the piano and clapping once the song was over. It wasn't the music that put me to sleep, it was that I was so intoxicated. They have assortated varieties of breath mints. - Blue stripe stool, 02/07/2004

We love your bar-the energy, the friendly people, the music, the singing and the dancing. There is no place like 'The Redhead'. We long to return. In the meantime, could you please move to Detroit? - Gail & Lorraine, Detroit,MI, 07/26/2003

Wow! When we planned our trip to Chicago to celebrate MaryEllen's 50th birthday, we never would have guessed how much fun the Redhead would be. All 8 of us gathered in front of the piano listening to Gene and singing like there was no tomorrow! Thank you so much for making our trip memorable. Your bar is warm, friendly, classy, and fun....what a great combination! - Carol, 02/24/2003

What a classy place! A real gem. Warm...Friendly... This is the best kept secret in Chicago, and this is a guy from Cleveland saying so! - Gary, 04/24/2002

A place that you feel good bringing your friends to and enjoy great times. Just writing at home with the RedHead on my pen brings back the best memories !! - RichD, 11/21/2001

This is one of the best high-class bars in the city. I spent most of my nights in this bar listening to the sounds of Sinatra and Billy Joel while being told story after story by everyone from the bartender to the bathroom attendant. - Edward Kissinger, 04/19/1999

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