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Rednofive (closed)

440 N Halsted
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Psychedelic 2nd floor with hints of Polly Esther's; lower floor is a darker and quieter space for the less energetic. Tues: Acid Jazz; Wed: Latin Rhythms; Live music on special nights. Formerly Stardust. - sys, 02/28/2000

Features a variety of DJs providing Latin rhythms and other styles. Open Tues 11 pm - 4 am, Wed - Fri 10 pm - 4 am, Sat 10 pm - 4 am. Dress code: club wear; no gym shoes. - alotta, 07/12/2003

This was one of the worst clubs i have ever had the misfortune of being manipulated into visiting. My friend Steve told me we'd stop here first, since he knows everyone and likes to laugh at the bartenders. Never again! I cannot believe what some of the girls were acting like, and the clothing was even worse! Designer knockoffs, and yes, i even saw some girls in shorts and tank tops!!! GASP!! I'd rather sit at my friends Sushi bar and get drunk there, at least they have hot bartenders. - Tanya, 09/20/2002

I love Redno5- it is one of the coolest clubs in chicago. i love the

Chicago , Rednofive

dark, underground space- where the great music is almost too loud (but it's not!) and you can dance all night long. everyone that goes there is great too. ive seen timo maas, sven vath, dave ralph, judge jules, tall paul, misteress barbara... and the list goes on! all shows have been super impressive. if you are into the music scene- this is a club to check out!
- rednolover, 12/12/2001

I saw Nick Warren there on the July 14th, it was the sweetest show ever. Awesome club, i actually talked with him and got his autography while he was spinning!! you can get that close!! Cool atmosphere, wish they had a more strick dress code though!! Tight security, so be careful!! - Mr. Kind, 07/16/2001

I saw Timo Maas spin a few Saturdays ago. Not only was the music pumping and jumping, but the people were cool as hell. It was nice to get away from the look-what-I'm-wearing attitude of Kingsbury St. and get into a club where the people were really in touch with the music and making the environment a fun atmosphere. Rednofive is tops in my book. - Eric, 06/02/2000

I had the best time at the ginsing thanksgiving eve party at redno!!!!!! (back in nov. 2002) the staff was cool too. - lr, 02/10/2003

Feb 03 RedNo5 was one of the better underground type of clubs to provide Chicago with new dance music. There were promoters -mainly PURE- that brought in some amazing DJ's to the location. Unfortunately, & now that PURE is no longer here, it seems as though they have moved to creating a totally different atmosphere there..One where there is no concern for GOOD, QUALITY music..Thus why I rarely frequent the place anymore. It has great potential..they just need to care a lot more about the sounds they currently have vs using Dj's that cannot even match a simple beat.. - lovestar, 02/26/2003

I had so much fun at Rednofive this Saturday night. I was there till 4am the music was hot and so were the people. I will be going back soon.... - exotic, 03/08/2004

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