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Open at 7:00 AM, Rossi's is a traditional hangout for the Sun-Times employees. Offering over 50 varieties of bottled beer, this place offers a Wisconsin-like bar atmosphere just a few blocks from downtown. Lunch menu on weekdays. Lingerie-clad waitresses add a touch of class on the weekends. Open Sun-Fri 7 am-2 am, Sat 7 am- 3 am. - Alotta, 10/26/2005

Came all the way from Newcastle England to Chicago and Rossis was by far the best bar in the city. Hell its one of the best bars in the WORLD! Friendly locals of all types, crazy but friendly staff and great prices & music. Rossis I miss ya! - Si, 06/30/2010

my first time at Rossi's was this past Saturday while in town for Sox-Yanks series....great place for the true bar patron.....cold beer..working man prices....wish i knew of this place earlier...i will be back!!!! - kat, 08/03/2009

I lived in chicago three years, and I used to work couple bloks from rossis , and I can tell that bar is the best of the best. des. I miss you soo much.. really, and kevin every sunday

Chicago , Rossi's

you made me happy. I have good pictures having fun there , that I'd send.. lots of love to des and kevin. from nicolas from chile..
- nico from chile, 04/10/2008

Rossi's IS Chicago. Lots of great places around the city, but when you're ready to be a part of the real Chicago, grab an Old Style at Rossi's. You'll stop noticing the pool of pee on the floor once you grab one of their tooth crackin' cold beers. You can also mosey on up to the jukebox to jam to anything from Freddy Fender to Ramstein. - Gomez of Omaha, 01/07/2008

i was on vacation from being deployed in afghanistan for a year. i came unpon this very wonderful bar and loved it. i went there almost every weekend while on my vacation and i am pleased to say that my visit to chicago was very enjoyable because of this outstanding bar. it has the best atmospher for getting a night started or evending a night. the people were always great to me and the jukebox always had a good track playing. im currently serving another tour here in afghanistan and i promiss that i will return on my next visit to chicago. yours truly, (army)sgt. jason d. - sgt. jason d, 12/05/2006

What a great bar! Happened upon this place with my Chicagoan buddy--and we spent the next four hours there. Reasonable prices, laid-back atmosphere... this place has it all. - Breeze, 09/06/2006

Rossi's is a GREAT bar- utterly withOUT pretention of any kind. The jukebox is one of the best. When Rossi's closes up for the night, you can just walk around the corner to The Saluki, which is open later. - Sander5, 10/26/2005

Kevin the Bartender and this place is an island in a sea of 'Corp One-Upsmanship'. Thank god you are there for real people wanting to meet and drink with the same. - wiscboy, 04/18/2003

Possibly the last real bar in the city. Cool juke, cheap beer and a wonderfully tough bartender - Des, you ARE the best. - chicagogirl, 03/17/2003

I love Rossi's! The service was great! - Jimmy, 09/17/2002

The most solid bar in downtown Chicago. Rossi's is the place to be, check it out and you will see!!! GOD BLESS ROSSI'S. - kristyosterloh, 10/26/2005

This place rocks!!!!!! It's on fire. - deankev, 10/26/2005

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