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Savemore Lounge

4060 N Lincoln

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Free pool Mon-Thurs, 8am-noon. Free oldies jukebox Saturday, 8pm-close. "Lowest prices in town". Hours: M-F 8am-2am; Sat -3am; Sun 11am-10pm. - wm, 05/11/2003

I have been going there for the last 30 or so years and over the years I have seen great changes ! Remodeling and live bands on Saturday night many great Birthday parties, But the great staff still make you feel like you are at a friends house like Family! I will continue to go there forever with my friends. Also the prices are still great! $ 1.50 Tuesdays are the greatest for domestic bottles of beer. - Steve C., 05/05/2010

Savemore Lounge is a Chicago original! The kind of bars that were around in the early days . Many of the patrons are original native born Lincoln Square residents. The place really rocks when DaveWhitiker and Shinbenders play. A lot of the old Lakeview Lounge crowd hang out there too. These bartenders and the patrons make you feel right at home and make you feel like stopping in again. - Rene, 11/25/2006

This place is good for people that are not afriad to

Chicago , Savemore Lounge

have a good time. This is a neighborhood bar with a lot of regulars. When you first walk in it might seem like everyone's staring at you...& they very well might be, but as soon as you have a few they'll be your best friends. Aside from that, the regulars are normally leaving by 10:30-11:30. Once they're gone the younger crowd starts moving in. P.S. The bartender is a sucker for Elvis & Otis Redding, it;s a good idea to walk straight to the jukebox & play one of them, she'll love you forever...
- Jainkee, 10/15/2006

I went in here to play the pinball machine on 09/06/06. This was the first time I've ever set foot in the Savemore Lounge, and the bartender made a snide comment in my direction as I walked in and toward the pinball machine. As I was about to put money in the machine, the bartender asked if she could help me. I pointed to the machine, and said I was going to play it. She informed me that I needed to have ID to play the game. I reached to show her my ID, and she then informed me that I also needed to be drinking to play the game. I could see that I was in a losing situation here, and even if I did get a drink, I wasn't going to have any fun playing pinball, so I turned and walked out. If you have a bar with a pinball machine, you should expect people to play it. This was the first and last time I will ever be in Savemore Lounge. - DE Pinball, 09/06/2006

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