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Scarlett's (closed)

750 S Clinton
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Detail for Scarlett's (closed) : Dancers

Open Mon - Sun 11am - 4am. Reservations accepted; valet parking available. This sensational adult entertainment venue features beautiful showgirls in all-nude revues. Menu items include steaks, chops, seafood, sandwiches, and burgers. No alcohol, sodas are $4. Admission during weekends is $20. Lap dances are $25 - expect light contact. Private room dances start at $200.

Bachelors beware - these girls show no mercy ! - sys, 02/24/2003

7/7/2005 - Decided to take a walked over to Scarlett's at lunchtime today for some entertainment. When I arrived, I discovered that they have changed to a BYOB club. This means that the dancers are no longer allowed to dance in the nude -- topless and g-strings is as far as they go. The girls are attractive, but somehow it's not the same place as before. It's really too bad. Difficult to tell if they will regret the decision to go BYOB (maybe that was the only way they could stay open at all??) - West Loop Worker, 07/08/2005

This place has a decent atmosphere. You have to bring your own alcohal, and must pay to bring

Chicago , Scarlett's

it in. The girls are pretty good looking. I would wait and watch the stage show before going for a private dance. The level of skill differs highly from girl to girl. Overall its a pretty good experience.
- Bucky79, 05/22/2005

Best strip club, very friendly - anonymous, 03/20/2005

This place is great! Have been there quite a few times in the last few years. The dancers are really sexy and nice. Depending upon the girl a lap dance may or may not involve contact. If you are in Chicago, I advise going there at least once. - Anonymous, 06/06/2003

hi, i'm very sorry to inform you that I dont have any sweet recommendations for you club. the girls are rude,abusive,insulting. the place has a good potential, but very poorly managed. very unfriendly staff, those command tips before giving service. It souunds very cheap. - abraham, 09/09/2002

Scarlett's is THE gentleman's club of the Loop. Holly is a very energetic young lady who enjoys her work. I recommend at least one dance from her. - Erik, 06/06/2002

This is the first gentlemens club I've ever been to, it was fantasic and the lady are 100% top quality (especially Shaunty and Jenny on the afternoon shift). - Tom, 03/28/2002

Went to this club for the first time - THE BEST STRIP CLUB I'VE EVER BEEN TO. Definitely worth checking it out! - JDog, 10/20/2001

If possible could you please post a link to the club's website @ Thank you Mark - Scarlett's, 05/01/2001

This was the first time i have been to a Gentleman's club. The girls were just superb and totally nude dance. - A B, 03/09/2001

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