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Shelter (closed)

564 W Fulton

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Still probably Chicago's best nightclub, Shelter has it a lot going for it. The hottest DJs spin music for one of the largest dance floors in town. Check out the VIP room for more music and mingling. Other rooms offer comfy couches/mixer bars. Open until 5am on Sat. - sys, 12/26/1999

all i can remember is the vip room it was just that the best people drinks drugs did i say drugs. some of the best times where talking to people in the bathroom stalls and it didnt hurt everyone was on the same page gay staight it did matter if you looked good BIRD got you in like most im in my late 30s but when we did it we did it big ...i miss all those people clubs and music al try to hard..much love jeffrey neu... - jeffreyuen@AOL.COM, 05/18/2011

I'm turning 36 in a couple days and I still have thoughts of shelter. From Bird working the door to the "coin" that parted the crowd like magic. One great story I got was when we closed it down after a

Chicago , Shelter

long night of drinking drugs and girls and someone shouted party my house We all jumped in our cars and had a train of cars fallowing this one car make a long story short the dj from shelter shows up and starts the party again 5-6am now Point of the story the guy throwing the party didn't know anyone maybe a hand full of people but knew it was cool cuz we all came from shelter Not going to lie toward the end of shelters life it got a lil lame with frats throwing parties and the crowd starting to change I was shelter 94-98 I think lol good times
- Gus i, 09/25/2010

I will always have fond memories of Shelter from the early 90's. As stated above I see the Club Kids of today and can only smile and think about how Shelter was the best club in the city and how good I had it. I would spend weekends around the corner in China Clubs VIP room till it started to thin out and then make my way to the Victor Hotel sign and meander down the dark maze-like hallways to spend hours with great music and people til the sun was coming up. As I am now in my 40's I dont go out to the clubs all that much anymore as I had the best back when. Ahh, but the stories I can tell.... - Rob W., 03/25/2010

I was Intorduced to Shelter by my great & dear old Friend George "Makko" Diakoumakos (RIP)... He was alot cooler than I of course, as had the "Victor Hotel" VIP (NEVER have to pay for admission with this thing) coin - Hehe... I worked @ Carson's & used to bring the guys @ the door chicken & ribs in exchange for admission... ;p ... The my Best Buddy Leeka Briskovic got as job bar-backing there & I was Golden once again... ;') Billy Savely Was the BEST Industrial DJ in the city - he was the long haired goth freak spinning in the basement when it was still open. The thing I remember the most was the 1st time I walked in the place & saw 4 rows tall & the ENTIRE length of the bar of Lava Lamps with a huge-ass Acid House Smiley hanging from the ceiling (or was the Medusa's or both, I forget)... The BEST House - The Hottest babes & The coolest dudes, A True NYC Level night club close to our Home & Hearts In Chicago In the Magical Late 80's/Early90's... Those times will never be realized again - GOD Bless you All - Nick Despo, 12/19/2009

I was lucky enough to have worked at Shelter when it firdt opened and for many years afterwards. I was a bouncer, and worked the front door there. I was a great time, it was Tut, Chris P, Big Bob, George, and myself (Tim). The bar backs Rex and RJ mademe laugh thru some long cold night outside. It was the place to be and work it was the best.I think of all the people often wondring where they are now. Thanks for a great time. --Tim - TMB, 10/11/2009


Shelter came into play in my life just about a year after Lightlight closed. Awesome music and people. It was the place to be, but it didn't have an awful "we are too cool to let you in" attitude. Huge dance floor. I loved that giant operating room light up in the corner of the main dance room. I got married, and my trips to Shelter kind of ended. I still have my shelter discount admission card. Those were the days, and they will never be repeated. I call for a toast to all the ghosts of the dancers I remember, who I will never see again, except for in my memories. - Peter, 07/21/2008

I am now living in Spain and have travelled all over Europe and have been to all kinds of clubs in Amsterdam, Roma, etc. Let me tell you all ---there is no place in the world like the classic and one and only SHELTER!!! I was there all the time with great friends! Remember the guy with the long blond hair who ---was cool with me and always let me pass --cus he was a hat fan like me! Yeh! MAD HATTERīS NIGHTS, QUENCH, etc. --chicks hanging from swings --it was great! For me the Shelter is the best club Iīve ever been too! Iīm now forty and still thin and dancing flamenco --but I always got time to bust a move to the great times of the Shelter! I really miss it and donīt even go to clubs here in Europe cus it is just doesnīt measure up to the Shelter for me! - Danila, 03/01/2008

I can say I was lucky enough to work there, even if I wasn't old enough to get in when I started. Shelter introduced me to that "Life" and spoiled me rotten. Having outgrown Medusa's it came along at the right moment. To everyone who worked in the original crew w/me (i couldn't even begin to name everyone, but i might try Lorrie, John, Andy, Van & Kornel[RIP], Teo, Rex, Patty, Jerome, Danielle, Erica, Tiger, Ulay, Mo and soooo many more), I salute you, I miss you I love you! To all the crazy asses who just came to party so I could get paid, thanks! Shelter, we did love it there! - RJ, 12/21/2007

Shelter will live on to be the best club Chicago has ever seen. The atmosphere and music were like no other. The dark maze-like halls, projection screens, different rooms with different music styles, slammin house music, cool bouncers (props to Vaughn and Oscar) and club kids made this place hard to forget. I remember many a late night dancing in a daze, staring up at the crystal chandeliers in the VIP room. It is greatly missed- I think I speak for many when I say thanks for the memories!!!! The clubs of today have lost touch with what made this place so great! - glamV, 05/26/2006

We had many of fun nites there. Partying in the basement of the club as well as in the club it's self.LONG LIVE THE SHELTER . - Sigma Chi - Eta Nu, 06/28/2003

So i'm 30 something now.....i great nite is when my whites and colors are separated and folded...i only see 4am when i get up in the middle of the nite to turn down the heat.....but when i see all of these 4th and 5th generation 'club goers' i smile...i remember i had the best..i had shelter...i never got carded never had to wait in line and loved medusa's thursdays...and the occasional 'quench'...long live the lost generation of that late nite club...i miss it, i'm glad i was there to live it...i am now goimg to return to my laundry and my nostalgic coma.. -lisa - anonymous, 04/26/2003

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