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The Six Penny Bit

5800 W Montrose

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drank there 20 years ago with big jim he loved the six penny good crack good locals would love to go back - conor from kerry, 05/01/2011

Was just there this bar is great! the atmosphere, the people, the bar staff especially Tz and Ronie. Tom Birt is the owner and man this guy is great he has so much knowledge. You amazed me Mr. Birt. I was on my holidays there in Chicago and can I tell you I went to all the Irish Bars and by far THE SIX PENNY was the best for everything. This is the place you want to be when you visit Chicago. - a true IRISH LADY, 10/11/2007

Those expecting Leprachuns and tourists will be disappointed. This is a real irish bar, complete with political knick nacks above the bar, good pints, great entertainment and a decidedly irish crowd. I have many times been the only american in the bar. Most of the regulars seem to hail from Northern Ireland and people from the Republic are few and far between. It is a friendly and rambunctious place. There are occassional fights which never get too far out of hand and make for excellent entertainment. I have heard the rafters shake from the crowd singing along with choice tunes from Northern Ireland...the subject of which I leave to your imagination. The women here are amazingly beautiful...they may come out in a t-shirt and jeans but they are super hot! Careful though because these women are tough and their men friends are even tougher. If the women don't eat you for breakfast, their male friends will show you a thing or two, Belfast style. It is super easy to make friends here and almost as easy to make enemies...the next night though all is forgotten. One of the best experiences out I have had in the chicago area (and I have been around)...highly recommended, yet not for the faint of heart...totally worth it if you are up for it - Trevon, 09/08/2004

I became a man, during my summer (2003) living above the six penny bit. It was in the bar that I meet my current girlfriend, Tiger woods - we both love playing golf. Tom was like a father figure to me, and taught me where to buy litre bottles of vodka for ten dollars. I would just like to thank the guys of the summer who made me feel at home that summer - Disel, Paul, the yonk, Bruce and Ronnie. Thanks Guys - Love Corky - Corky, 04/03/2004

I lived in ireland for the last two years and when i was living here I frequented many a tradition irish pub. let me just say for it to be traditional to me the majority of the crowd has to be from ireland. six penny bit has the best irish crowd. The owners and the customers are very welcoming when i went in there for the first time this christmas i knew no one i left knowing eveyone they had to kick me out the door i never wanted to leave. I've been dying to get back there ever since. Also let me say I have been to a few other north side irish pub and i wasnt impressed. The six penny bit was most definitly the best pub I have been in outside of ireland and thats saying alot. So if you are looking for a real irish pub to go in for a good craic you have to vivsit the six penny bit. Its the one irish pub in chicago you dont want to miss out on. Cheers to all of the patrons and the owners you truelly made my holiday special. - tamye murphy, 01/16/2004

I used to frequent this bar regularly. It would be a great place, but it is not very well run (though Tom and his family try). There are fights in this bar on a regular basis and it is overrun with underaged drinkers! Again, it would be a great little place, but I would not recommend it. Vaughn's on NW Highway near the intersection of foster, is a much better alternative. - Shannon, 12/20/2003

Thank you all for a wonderful time,really enjoyed the fun.Tom i did not get the shorts on yet but for sure next year,.Thanks to Colm and all of his great mates,take care God bless,thiocfaigh ar la,slan leat.James & Madge 28/7/03. - James and Madge, 07/28/2003

I have gone to this bar on quite a few occassions, i must say this is the best irish bar in chicaco, and believe me i have been to quite a few. the owner and his family are the nicest people.they are very welcoming and friendly. i recommend any one visiting chicago go here, it is definitely the place to go!!!!!! - ONE GOOD CUSTOMER, 05/04/2003

Great place! Great crowd and staff! - Brownie, 02/09/2002

A true Irish pub. Staff is very friendly, crowd is a little hard to get to know for 'outsiders' A classic Chicago neighborhood Irish joint. -, 07/02/2001

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