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South Loop Club

1 E Balbo

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Over 100 bottled beers ! Great selection of cigars, scotches, and champagne also. Juke box features funk and disco favorites. - sys, 04/30/2000

Established in 1988, this neighborhood bar and grill has undergone many transformations along with the neighborhood. Today the menu features traditional pub grub as well as chicken kebabs and swordfish sandwiches. Over a half dozen large TVs and a big-screen TV make a good place to watch sporting events. Open Sun-Fri 11 am-4 am, Sat 11 am-5 am. - Alotta, 09/27/2005

Great food! If I'm in the city for bsiness I always try to stop here. Not too many places that you'll find a great burger cooked over charcoal instead of a grill. Huge selection of tequila too. - gkontos, 01/01/2005

Not a place for the faint of heart. 3-4 Blocks south from the 'loop' this place isnt for the classy coniesseur(did I spell that Right?) But if you want a Brew and a bite, maybe watch the big game, Its just fine. good food too. - Iamthelizardking, 01/19/2004

Please no one go to this bar, I am just warning you in advance. Its dirty, staff

Chicago , South Loop Club

sucks, and the worst management ever! And it takes forever to just get a beer, even when its not busy. Please just take my word for it!!!!
- sarah, 12/27/2002

please if you have any sense as a human,do not go to this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do not take my word,just ask around!!!!!!!!! - human, 09/09/2002

I have been going to the SLC for nearly 10 years. This place is perhaps one of the best sports bars and watering holes around. And Leo (The owner) is a class act. The food is always great. Gene is also one of the best waiters there. - John, 08/08/2002

Yes, Yes, the decor is not entirely that astounding. The Music and or sports event that is playing on the televisions and speakers may not that classy, but there is one thing that makes the SLC a choice above all others. They make the best Hamburger that I have ever tasted. It is juicy to the point of sloppy, and succulent to the point that I'm starting to drool at the the thought of having another. So to those of you who feel that they are going out for a taste of class, don't choose this bar and grill. For those of you who are looking for a nice place to sit and share conversation between bites of wonderous flavour then this is the place for you. - Michael C, 09/27/2005

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