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Spike's Rat Bar (closed)

12 W Elm

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One block from the action on Division Street. Look for the occasional dance-on-the-bar routine. - sys, 12/26/1999

Hey Jake, Its Irish Ray here..... Hope your all good. We were part of the crew here in 99 and 00. Loved every minute - Ray Mc, 07/01/2009

"Shot Wave" was the reason I came, helping the girls on the bar was the reason I stayed. I was the best! - Mr Jones, 04/14/2009

I used to visit Spike's whenever I was in Chicago on business. I would always stay at least two hours longer than I planned. My favorite bar ANYWHERE. Does Spike own any bars now in Chicago? I'm coming into town soon and figured he'd have set up another great place. - Howard, 07/22/2008

I worked for Spike from about 1998-2000. From 9-5 I was the Office Manager at the Realestate Office around the corner. But on Friday and Saturday nights I put on the black t-shirt with the Skull and cross bones and enjoyed the best job I ever had. I miss Spike and the rest of my fellow Bouncers and Bartenders! A Special Hello to Fingers, Pete, Angel, Sue,

Chicago , Spike's Rat Bar

Melissa (our favorite waitress!) Who could forget Hollywood, And Brian our "Army of One", and who could forget Moe our Step Bouncer from Mothers. And to you Spike, if you read this I hope all is well and that your Kung Fu is stronger than ever. Spike, Thanks for all the Mammorys. -Jake
- Jake Naulty, 10/12/2007

Anyone got video from inside Spike's? What a great time it was there every Friday and Saturday night. The bar was was our headquarters whenever we would go downtown on a weekend night. We always warmed up there with good intentions of hitting other places after an hour or two of getting primed by a former SEAL from team #1. Spike was intense and rarley did you leave for long. The bar's heyday was back in the early to mid 90's though we had still had many of great times after that. Many of hot babes provided bar dancing while everyone enjoyed numerous "shot waves" which were "done by the number starting under the neon rat." One of Spike's greatest lines was: "to insure great sex in her favorite position, I want everone to bark like dogs!" We miss Spike's! RO - RO, 06/23/2007

Great bar. Worth the 500 mile drive from Toronto every time - Mike, 08/14/2006

Spike's rocks the house. I love Chad sandwiches - palermo, 04/30/2003

This joint rocks!!! Was there for St. Pats. day, great time, awesome bartenders! - zooman, 03/22/2002

Spike's kamikaze 'shot wave' and the 'neon rat' are the ultimate tavern experience. - Speedy, 04/20/2001

the best bar in the chicago you have it all food drink's women danceing on a bar and a good staff best time i ever had in a bar - eletricbob, 03/21/2001

This bar was cool. Everyone was fun. I danced on the bar and had a blast. - Brooke, 08/04/1999

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