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Spy Bar

646 N Franklin
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Upscale underground lounge furnished with comfy velvet furniture; VIP-like atmosphere. Enter through the elevator. Gets busy after 1am. Guest DJs spin progressive funk and soul house; open until 4am. - sys, 01/29/2001

This fashionable club features a long bar, plenty of spots to chat, and a large dance floor. A swanky clientele can be found here on weekends, sipping drinks and dancing to house music. - Alotta, 10/09/2003

Come check out the new SpyBar everyone is talking about. Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10pm-4am, Saturdays until 5:00am. - spybar, 10/19/2004

The night scene in Chicago in Chicago has shifted a little the last two years. It is definitely more and more about who is the DJ ever since house music and,dubstep's popularity. Spybar i should warn anyone that has never been is not somewhere you will enjoy while sober. If you go before 2am you will feel like it is probably a shit show and you have no idea why it is popular. It is an hour spot hidden in the alley across from Sounbar. If you enjoy house music you night find the humor in this spot but

Chicago , Spy Bar

if you don't go out often big mistake for you. Be warned that 90 of the crowd is on something and I m not talking about booze. Not a club to be scene and dress up for and don't let the name fool you there is nothing mysterious about that spot.
- prima, 04/19/2013

With the new owners I seriously doubt Whiplash is still happening here. Confirm or deny? - c., 08/08/2008

Just opened this week under new owners... awesome upscale clientele and not an bad reputation like before.. Check it out - cece, 06/13/2008

Spy bar is now under new managment and is closed for renovations. The space will re-open in spring 2008. - Spy Bar Managment, 02/18/2008

spybar... the place to be on friday. the kickass staff rocks a bar like no other in chicago. definitely something to check out. all i have to say is.... WOW!!!! thankx for the best service and eye candy! - mikey v., 11/13/2003

Since April, 2001, Spy Bar has been host club to 'Whiplash', an Extreme Fetish weekly event held each Sunday night. With fetish dress code in effect, performances/themes each week, drink specials, dungeon equipment, & DJ Chilliwinters

Chicago , Spy Bar

spinning dark alternative dance. For more info:
- Scary Lady Sarah, 03/08/2002

Spy Bar , Chicago

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