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2238 N Lincoln

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Where's the awning go? Bad times here. Creepy regulars, I couldn't deal with. They gotta clean that place once in a while. - Jennifer, 03/10/2009

Whoa, what happened to this place? Junkie central in here. No rehab for me, had to get outta there. Wow. - Diane, 02/24/2009

sorry, but what was true in 2001 just ain't so now! this used to be a comfortable place but that went out with all our personal liberties! No longer a haven but just another androgenous, noisy, frightening liquor dispensery. - abby coen, 07/31/2008

scratch this off your 'hip list'. Those days are gone forever. this mausoleum is as dead as every other 'trendy' morgue on Lincoln, Rush, or Wrigleyville. - shaw, 08/02/2008

When every other bar on this stretch of Lincoln Ave is packed, there's room inside Sterchs. And some great regulars who are as interested and open to strangers coming in off the street as they are to each other. Electricians and plumbers, writers and artists, just plain joes and the erudite, guys and gals who want to have a plain old drink (nothing fancy here, folks) and a maybe a

Chicago , Sterch's

shot. Or two. You're always feel welcome at Sterchs. Some of the great bartenders - Harlan (the ST in Sterchs) Bob (the ERCH in Sterchs), Carol and Wendy, Jimmy and Betsy. Stop by and say hi. You'll have a found a true neighborhood bar in an area where the concept is, unfortunately, becoming obsolete.
- lessa, 07/02/2001

Best Lincoln avenue location for the old hippie crowd - a great group of folks that have been hanging around the area pre-yuppie. - Dave Holly, 11/27/2000

My wife and I stumbled on this great neighborhood bar a couple of years ago. If you like small, unpretentous bars frequented by nice people (some of whom are real characters), this place may be just what you're looking for. Many of it's regulars are artists, authors, professors, etc. which makes for an evening of great conversation. They have very good art shows as well. By the way, if you go there, ask them to see the black and white print that I made the first time I was there. It is a mounted large format image taken at night. It is now tossed in a pile of junk near the back of the bar. Most people who saw it seemed to like it. However, maybe the bartender said it best when he said, 'I just don't get it.' Anyway, ask to see it and them tell them that it was made by a great artiste. I have never gone to Sterch's and not had a great time. Lot's of laughs and great people. Enjoy. - Tom Johnston, 11/14/2000

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