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Stocks and Blondes

36 N Wells

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This bar is a DUMP and the service from the staff is horrendous! (and it smelled like a sewer while we were there) The waitress went out of her way to embarrass one of our co-workers (because their menu was printed on 3 sheets of white laser inkjet printer paper), when he couldn't understand which glass size was which on their terrible pseudo menu. To top it off - when he summoned the manager, she was even worse, with a horrible, careless attitude saying "If you don't like it, there are hundreds of bars in the area here...just go to one of the other bars." and eventually asked him to leave the bar!!! Totally unprofessional...our office will NEVER go back to this bar for a drink or lunch!! - Joey C., 12/23/2009

They serve Shiner Bock. There's really no more that needs to be said. A home away from home for Texans living downtown. - Chad, 08/16/2007

As on "old" regular, before moving home to Texas, I spent many hours in "Your Neighborhood Bar in the Loop." My brass plate is gone from the

Chicago , Stocks and Blondes

corner now (it's on my keyring) but there still may be one on the wall by the ice machine. "I'm just the customer." Dan and Noelle Davies serve generous portions at reasonable prices; you should try the Friday Wisconsin Fish Fry. Stocks & Blondes is a nice hide-away, with friendly regulars. If you have the chance, thank Angel for the excellent food he and his wife prepare in the kitchen.
- TC, 04/11/2007

Great little bar. My wife and I came in from Texas to see CAKE at Old St. Pat's blockparty. As we got off the train it was pouring rain. What to do?!?! Right at the base of the stairs we stumbled into Stocks and Blondes, and were glad we did. We found ourselves dropping in several times over the weekend we were there. Great food, and great cold beer. - Joe W., 07/19/2006

Your bar is a wonderful hangout. I love the people that come to this nice place. It is very conveniently located by the L. Brown line. Pink Margaritas are excellent, beer is the best. - Raul City Clerk Molina, 06/29/2006

Stocks and Blondes is one of

Chicago , Stocks and Blondes

my favorite lunch time hangouts downtown. This spot next to the L-stop has a unique atmosphere crammed into a small space. The drinks are superb; the service is pleasant and prompt. The compact menu offers a nice variety of your basic staples with a daily special. Most items on the menu are under $8. See it for yourself, just come any day at lunch time and wait to be seated -- the place is packed!
- Joachim P., 11/24/2003

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