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Detail for Tantrum : Bar / Lounge

Dimly lit (what lounge isn't) and cozy; great place to find a spare chair and enjoy a designer martini. The vibe is relaxed, unlike what the name suggests. - sys, 07/07/2006

A lot oh hype, and nothing to back it up!! Any time ive passed this place, it looks empty.....thats because no one is ever there. I live in the south loop and I promise you, there are other spots better than this. - loki, 06/29/2007

How much does a bartender really know? While trying to have a drink on a Thursday night with a friend from out of town NY, the bartender was insistant that my friends ID was fake. While normally this could be a understandable mistake due to the flimsy material that the ID was printed on many years ago, the bartender was completely rude, and publicly insulted my guest in front of the other patrons. After we left, I decided to go back in to talk to the bartender or "manager" (as she said). She confronted us in an extremely rude way, asking us " so why are you

Chicago , Tantrum

coming back?" and " why are you trying to start trouble?". I just simply wanted to know why they didn't have a scanner for these types of situations. Never have my friends and I been more insulted. We came in for a nice relaxing evening and found nothing but a inhospitable, rude, overdramatic bartender who seemed to be more interested in embarassing us in order to show off for her male patrons. Yes, I understand that you Tantrum could get in trouble for having underage drinkers (of which my guest was not underage), and for that I have no problem, but you Never act in the manner you did towards any customer who is willing to pay that kind of price for a drink. I happen to work for a bar similar to Tantrum, and one that makes far more business on a Thursday night. We practice good customer service to every guest that walks through our doors, becuase we want them to come back and become regulars. And when we are confronted with a fake ID or minor,

Chicago , Tantrum

we deal with the situation in a professional and respectful manner, becuase we know that when that minor is of age...we want them to come back! Clearly, Tantrum does not hold those principles. I hope they learn. Simply put: Tantrum...just not worth it.
- PISSED OFF, 04/13/2007

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. Will never return. New management socially intolerant and incapable of resolving minor conflict. Too bad though.. used to be one of my favorite south loop martini bars... - Jennifer, 02/12/2006

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