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Underground Lounge

952 W Newport

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Detail for Underground Lounge : Lounge / Jazz

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This dark room was a speakeasy in the 1930s. Live musical acts run the gamut, from show-tunes to rock. Visiting bands passing through town are frequently spotted here. - Alotta, 10/08/2003

Lot of imported brews that you don't normally find in a neighborhood pub. Kinda reminds me of the 'Cave', that small club the Beatles played in before they hit it big. - Slim, 11/28/2003

Yeah, the bartenders are sometimes irritable, but The Jazz Avengers are a good time, check then out, good jazz. - Blizzy, 11/26/2002

we played there (a month of somedays) last saturday and had no problems at all. yeah, we signed a contract. and i know the doorguy everyone talked about, but the experience wasn't bad at all. we had a good crowd, got paid more than we expected, the sound guy was great and actually acted like he cared, and the bar staff was excellent. in fact, they ended up not charging us for our last few beers before they closed. the sound was great, on stage and off, and i would definitely recomend playing there and going there to see

Chicago , Underground Lounge

shows. all in all, it seemed like a really cool atmosphere, and a great place to play and see shows.
- matt from a.m.o.s., 04/26/2002

Nice enough club, too bad they treat the bands that play there so poorly. - beautifulday, 05/29/2001

Enter at your own risk. Weak drinks, rude servers, and the rip off the bands. So many other decent places to go--don't waste your time or money here. 'neel' must work there or something. 'Never crowded' is right though--I know I'll never take up space there again.Hopefully, they will have gone out of business before long. - richard, 05/14/2001

Very chill place. Never crowded and is a very relaxing atmosphere. Highly recommend to check it out on a Monday night if you're into some great live jazz. Same band there every Monday, jazz fusion/classy and lotta soul. And no cover charge! Definately worth it to check out. - neel, 07/12/2000

Underground Lounge , Chicago

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