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White Star (closed)

225 W Ontario

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Saturdays guest DJs spin progressive house, trance, club R&B and hip-hop until 5am. - sys, 01/29/2001

Hey guys, I am looking for a place simmilar to White Star or Allstar's whatever the name of this place was called.It had a star for its logo. It was right around the corner from sound bar. Anywayssss, because I want to have a big birthday bash. Problem is I live in Michigan now and don't really know what clubs are bumping now. Oh Man, I freakin miss White Star. The waitresses, bartenders, club promoters ,well lets just say everyoneeeeee was a hottie. Cause the list can go on. Great club , girls show more skin than at a strip club or a stripper if you ask me. Shot girls were smokin hot. Screw going to a strip club girls there walked around in bikini's. Don't forget all the different rooms they had. They had like a Salsa room. Then there was a room were they just played trance, then each vip area had there own bar. I think it was the trance room

Chicago , White Star

or whatever the biggest room was, that had the stripper poles. But no fat girls please. Those were the daysss. Man great club, but expensive. I had a few birthday parties there and then I used to go every weekend. I am trying to find another club where I can have my party this year and am trying to find a simmilar club without going to a strip club. Hey guys you feel me right? Any suggestions? Any new clubs that would include hot girls, a stripper pole, foam parties or bikini contests? Hit me up . Anyone know where some of girls are working now? I used to be friends with some but that was about it. Must had bfs. Sound bar?
- Tommy, 09/30/2009

Well they don't pay there bills! Would like to get a hold of the manager, Brian, he owes me money!!! - overdoors, 10/16/2009

I was visiting family in Chicago from Southern Florida and we have awsome clubs here. But White Star was of the hook! A group of friends and I went and just had the best time. Keep it up! - MissGalactica81, 06/22/2003

New Year's Eve service was very poor. No near enough people working. - chinacat, 01/02/2003

It's an upscale classy lounge, and they make all of that money, they should have a web-site! And they should make the cover even for both men and women. I know they do that so more girls get in and that attracts the guys but in the real world that is sexest! If the tables were turned, that would NOT fly! - awthentik1, 10/10/2002

My favorite place to go in Chicago. Why go anywhere else when we get treated so wonderfully at White Star! - anonymous, 08/20/2002

I had an awesome birthday here!!!! - Miss Jess, 07/01/2002

A nice club, but overpriced. Too many people trying to show off and pretend they're wealthy. - KC, 12/07/2001

Overpriced, overcrowded, overrated.... - No way, 03/02/2001

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