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1492 Tapas Bar

42 E Superior

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This charming, multilevel restaurant in a converted graystone features authentic tapas selections such as potato omelet, grilled octopus, and cured ham with mushrooms. Also available is the Paella 1492, for two people. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

We stopped by Nov 7th and ate al fresco! Service was great, great people-watching. We sampled the spicy meatballs, lamb, and meat-filled empanadas. Excellent wine list. There is a full-service bar inside, and more seating upstairs. - Alotta, 11/08/2009

We tried this restaurant for the first time this past Saturday 11/17/2007 after the Lights Festival on Michigan Avenue, and absolutely loved the place. We were my hubby, kids and I, plus my sister and two friends -5 adults and 2 kids total. When we arrived there was a wait but it didn't take that long to get the table -about 20 minutes. We were seated at a room upstairs, which was cute and cozy. We started by ordering some Sangria, which was fairly good, and pops for our kids. Then we had some tapas -they have some cold and some hot

Chicago , 1492 Tapas Bar

on the menu. From the cold ones we had the tomatoes with mozzarella cheese, the cured ham and the potato salad -all of them were good. From the hot ones we had the chicken croquettes (we loved them!), dates wrapped in bacon, the octopus (really good), the eggplant stuffed with goat cheese, garlic shrimps, the crab cakes, and a plate of meats and sausages with French fries and a special sauce (this one was huge and yummy). We all loved the food; we didn't have any issues with it. My kids also enjoyed their selections from the Kid's menu. My older one had a pizza; and my little one, who happens to be a finicky eater, absolutely loved her Spanish style French fries and nuggets. Our waitress was very friendly and kind and the service was very good. Overall, we all had a nice dining experience, enjoyed the place and the food, so we will come back for sure. We do recommend this restaurant.
- Janice and Mike, 11/23/2007

I was just there yesterday and it is a cute little restaurant however, I only liked 3 out of 6 of the tapas. I've had patatas at other locations and they are excellent, at this particular location they were potatoes with ketchup it seemed like. I didn't get a candle lit at my table as the other tables had. I ended up getting one myself from another table and they gave me the smallest table. It was 4 of us in a table that seemed to be one for 2. And I was charged more than I indicated on the bill. My total was $55 and I left a $5 tip since I didn't think the service was great and since I paid with my credit card I looked at the transactions pending on my credit card and its showing that they are charging me $66. I personally would never go there again. And would not recommend the restaurant. - Janneth, 07/02/2007

Had the pleassure to be at 1492 last weekend and ate the best Spanish food in Chicago. The service was perfect, and the place is just AMAZING. The chef came to our table and expleined the whole menu and concept, great guy and excellent chef. 1492 is my favorite Spanish restauarnt. - Frederick H, 08/30/2005

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