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42 Degrees N Latitude (42N)

4500 N Lincoln

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Detail for 42 Degrees N Latitude (42N) : Restaurant, American

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Classy bar and restaurant serving American cuisine. priced $11-19. Weekend brunch is offered; nice martini list. - wm, 07/24/2005

Latitude is a great place to go for a bite and/or drinks. The bar overlooks Lincoln Ave. and Welles Park and serves up top-shelf mixed drinks, a great variety of beers on tap or bottled, and the kitchen cranks our delicious, upscale food. The large dining room is the perfect place to sample their fantastic brunch along with what could very well be the *best* bloody mary you'll ever have! They have several tv's, including 2 big projection screens, for sports fans. Getting good service here is just like getting it anywhere: treat others like a human and you'll be treated like one, yourself. This is a great neighborhood place and has been a favorite of mine for some time. - evan, 11/11/2008

A great combination-not just a bar and not super high end. Love the wide range of options on both the menu and beer and wine. - Mary, 10/29/2008

From what I've experienced Latitude has improved over the years since it started. What people do

Chicago , 42 Degrees N Latitude

not understand is that it's all about trial and error when it comes to restaurants just because of how straining it can be to run one. Everybody has different tastes and this establishment puts in the extra effort to ensure customers are enjoying what Latitude has to offer. As of right now Latitude is a great place to eat and drink; it may be on the pricey side but it's not just your average regular "joe schmo" bar/restaurant. They have a wide variety of domestic and imported beers as well as an awesome menu. It's a good place to bring a date to that's for sure. The staff is friendly as well as comforting always making sure your you are satisfied. Although they don't have a big menu I guarantee anything you order is superb and very tasty! I recommend the Smoked Chicken Pasta entree. To sum everything up, Latitude has come a long way from when it opened up and is improving. For the competing area it is in I feel that Latitude is one of few hot

Chicago , 42 Degrees N Latitude

spots in Lincoln Square!
- Karl, 10/23/2008

Nice atmosphere, but very limited menu. Could have made a better grilled ham and swiss at home. Not worth it for even 1/2 the price. - Roxanne, 12/04/2004

A great addition to Lincoln Square! Good food, great atmosphere and very good waitstaff. I definitely recommend Latitude. - Erin, 10/09/2004

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