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Abu Nawas (closed)

2411 N Clark

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Detail for Abu Nawas (closed) : Restaurant, Mediterranean

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Authentically prepared Middle Eastern food awaits regulars and first-timers alike. First-rate appetizers include eggplant dip, falafel, and rice-filled dolmeh with tamarind sauce. Main dishes include tender lamb with potatoes and peas in a brown curry, and eggplant stuffed with spicy ground beef and covered with rich tomato sauce. BYOB; a full-bodied red wine works well with this menu. - sys, 08/27/2002

The restaurant is now closed. - mike, 08/19/2004

Abu Nawas is the name of a famous middle eastern poet, and also the name of a famous street in Baghdad, Iraq?. and a lovely restaurant in Lincoln Park. Jeff and I decided to honor our heritage by visiting an authentic Assyrian restaurant. Indeed, this restaurant is as Authentic as it can get. We were greeted by the lovely Souzan, the owner of this delightful establishment which is reminiscent of the famous Abu Nawas street in Baghdad. The small, orange Cafe is located at 2411 N. Clark street, in Chicago, IL on a busy street. We began by perusing the subtleties of the menu. Souzan noticed this and came by to explain the different

Chicago , Abu Nawas

dishes to us which we had questions about (from the word 'La'ffah' to 'Sherba' [Maraqqa] ). We noticed an entree of 'Assyrian Kufta' on the menu which made us even more curious. Souzan was very proud that her restaurant was as close to authentic home-cooked Assyrian cuisine that could possibly be. She mentioned to us that when she was creating the menu, some Assyrian suggested to her that she make the Dolma (Yapprakh, or Prakhe) bland to appease the 'Amerikiya' customer base. She insisted to them that our food should not be changed, and explained that the Dolma was a favorite for most of her customers (she was glad that she didn't water down the recipe). We began with a delectable appetizer tray which consisted of hommous, tapouli, and fatoush. The tray was decorated with various vegetables and homemade cheeses, and we enjoyed every bit of it. The next installment was a bowl of lentil soup (with a side of lemon, which was squeezed on top). This was incredible. And on to the main course....... We ordered a 'Combination Hot Plate' (or something like that) which included 'Poteta Chap', 'Lehmajein' (<--spelling error), and 'Bourouq'. We also ordered a combination plate with a Lamb Kebab and a special Meat Kebab made with a secret recipe. This was, of course, served with Rizza oo Sherwa (Rice and Stew). The main entree (above) was incredible, and our table had barely enough room for our elbows! Finally, no Assyrian mean can be completed without 'Chai oo Hél'... (Hot tea with Cardamom) The prices were reasonable, the service was excellent, the music was so so (but the volume was low so it didn't interfere with our conversation, but we would DEFINITELY recommend this excellent restaurant to ANY Chicagoan... or non-Chicagoan just visiting. Jeff Atto - (Lives near Detroit) Stella Alkass - (Lives near Chicago)
- Jeff Atto and Stella Alkass, 08/14/2002

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