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Alhambra Palace

1240 W Randolph
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Detail for Alhambra Palace : Restaurant, Indian / Belly Dancing

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OH MY GOD !! where do i start ? First let me start by saying if i could give this place minus stars i would !!After reading all the negative reviews I still wanted to check this place out for myself especially since i really wanted to love this place solely on the extravaganet decor and entertainment .I used to work at a middleastern restaurant so I did have something to compare it to but it was my boyfriends 1st time trying the cuisine and unfortunatly because of this place it will probobly be his last !! We arrived at 8 pm on a friday for our Valentines Dinner .We were the 2nd table our server had that night (the other being a party of about 12 ) He came over took our drink($12 for a weak drink served in a glass the size of a dixie cup ??) and appetizer order dropped them at our table and then ....NEVER CAME BACK !!We had to order our drinks from another server all night because our server was

Chicago , Alhambra Palace

too overwhelmed taking care of about 3 parties total with about 10 -15 people each !! Our food was absoultely terrible !!I should have known from other peoples reviews not to order any meat dishes from here but once again I jsut had to find out for myself !! I had the baby lamb chop(MED-RARE ($30 ) and my boyfriend had the ribeye MEDIUM ($30 ) HALF OUR MEAT WAS FAT !! I AM NOT EXXAGERATING !! Once we finished cutting off the fat from our meat it was exactly half of the what was on our plate !!And then i had to send 2 of my lamb chops back because one was almost ALL fat and the other one was disgustingly bloody !!(i know the difference between rare and med-rare and med -rare does not mean having a pool of blood on one side of my plate !! I was so embarresed to have brought my boyfriend here as I had told him that this cuisine was very flavorful and his ribe eye was bland ,drowned in a

Chicago , Alhambra Palace

gravy ,almost all fat and to top it off he ordered it med which was most of it was but then he got to the middle and it was rare and bloody ??OMG !! I wanted to kill someone for ruining my Valentines dinner !! We asked another sever for a manger since we hadnt seen ours in over 2 hourS....we waited 20 minutes and he never came ..finally my boyfriend got up to look him himself .We explained to him how we had not seen our server since he greeted us over 2 hours ago ,no one ever came out to ask how our food was ,we had to get out drinks from otherr servers ,our meat was all fat and that we were not happy campers .He was very understanding and appologetic and said he would comp our check for us .We Thanked him for that while rolling our eyes at each other and saying thank god we didnt have to pay for this disgusting food and terrible service !! But wait .....there was more to add to our whole Alhambra Palace experience !!(As if all this wasnt enough ) As we were on our way out A gentleman who worked there (some young mafioso big headed type ) stopped my boyfriend dead in his tracks and told him that he had to leave NOW because he had on a bandana !!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THE NERVE OF THIS PLACE !! WOW !! I WAS SHOCKED !!My boyfriend and I made a scene and he was seriously about to punch this arrogant son of a b****in the mouth for sitting there staring him down after we explained we had just finished having dinner and werent aware they had a bandana or hat rule ..(.just as he said that we saw 2 middleastern men walk in with hats !! PLEASE PEOPLE ..DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR AND SAVE YOURSELF THE EMBARASSEMENT OF BRINGING PEOPLE HERE AND FEEDING THEM LOW GRADE CUTS OF MEAT AND STAFF AND MANAGEMENT WHO KNOW NOTHING OF CUSTOMER SERVICE !!THEY SHOULD HAVE SPENT LESS MONEY ON DECOR AND MORE ON BETTER QUALITY MEAT AND PROFFESIONAL SERVERS AND MANAGEMENT !!
- Star13, 02/18/2008

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