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Detail for Amitabul : Restaurant, Korean / Vegetarian

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One of Chicago's best vegetarian restaurants; recommended are the house specials starting at $5.95. Soups are excellent - several are touted as theraputic. Recommended: Wolfman's Dreamed Treats (curry based sauce with radish sweet potato and garlic and mushroom stew); and Dr. Linda Kinsky's Cure (sizzling, spicy, noodle soup). - sys, 03/29/2000

Open for lunch and dinner Tues - Sun; smoke-free. Formerly located on Southport, the recent move of Amitabul features a menu updated to include Tibetian and Indian influences. For the hard-core vegans and vegetarians, huge portions of favorites are still available. One example is Dr. K's Cure-All, a spicy noodle soup that supposedly works as a hangover cure! - wm, 08/27/2003

Amitabul is by far my most favorite restaurant. It is a truly unique dining experience. Everytime I eat at Amitabul I feel like I've done something good for my body. Wolfgang Dream Treats is highly recommended. - Toast, 06/24/2003

I have eaten at Amitabul many times - my favorite thing to do is share an order of Bi Bim Bop and Dr. Kinsky's Cure with my wife. The food is inexpensive, healthful, flavorful and

Chicago , Amitabul

satisfying. I dont think they serve booze so you may wanna bring your own. Sometimes the service is inconsistent but all in all I would recommend it.
- Thaddeus, 04/02/2002

The food here is peerless. We have taken meat-eaters, baby-showerers, all manner of friends and family, and without exception the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I have been away from Chicago for a year, and I have yet to find any restaurant even remotely as good in the Bay Area. When I get off the plane for my back-home visit next month, the first meal I will have is Amitabul. Also, I hate spicy food, so I ask for mild and it's still great. The juices, the desserts, and the special ginger tea are all out of this world. Friendly staff, and good people-watching to boot. - matthewb, 05/21/2001

Be careful of the 'hot and spicy' items. They can be painful. - anonymous, 10/11/1998

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