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Arkadash Cafe

5721 N Clark
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Detail for Arkadash Cafe : Restaurant, Turkish / Mediterranean

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I think you misunderstand. Most restaurants make parties of six or more pay gratuity - that is, your tip - right on the bill. If you gave a tip in addition, it should only be because the service was excellent. The 15 was simply the 15 percent of your order. There *is* a cover charge at Arkadash, but ONLY if you do not order the minimum, which is 10-15 per person. All I warn you of is the drink prices - they charge per drink, no refills on anything. Otherwise, excellent place! - aerlesque, 07/06/2006

Mediterranean dishes include kebabs, house specials, and a tasty vegetarian combo plate. The real draw is weekends after 10 pm, when belly dancers gyrate to live music. Arkadash Cafe is open daily for lunch and dinner; open late Fri-Sat. - Alotta, 08/14/2006

The last time I went it was $15 in addition to everything else we got. I too really enjoy going to Arkadash, so I've been watching what happens to groups of people when they attend the restaurant. You eat, you drink, you dance and then you

Chicago , Arkadash Cafe

get your bill. Everyone's face at the table drops when they get that outrageous bill. Food, plus drinks, plus dessert and then an ADDITIONAL $15 per person. I'm sorry but large groups get totally screwed at this place.
- $15, 07/30/2004

I am a regular customer at Arkadash Cafe and am very pleased to inform that it is the best place in Chicago! To clarify any confusion, the $15 per person charge is not a cover charge but it is the minimum you can spend on Friday and Saturday. That includes drinks, food or a Hooka! Your bill just has to amount to $15, no matter what you spend it on. The food averages around $10 and you get it in big portions. The bellydancer has two performances where she usually comes around 9:30 then at 11:30. The staff is friendly and very courteous. The food is DELICIOUS and please try their MIXED COMBO PLATTER. It is huge. During the whole time, Yamur and Safwan sing and they create such energy in that place that people just don't stop dancing. One word of advice: If you cannot afford at least $15 to spend when you go out to a restaurant where they have live entertaiment, and belly-dancing, I suggest you go to McDonald's on a Friday or Saturday night. One very very happy customer!!! - Michael, 03/20/2004

We had a 13 person group dinner here on Saturday night. We were told the belly dancers were to begin at 10. We left at midnight and they still were not on yet. When we arrived we started to order a bunch of appetizers, drinks and wine and our server informed us that it was a $15 minimum for each person. We were obviously going to spend much more than that but we were offended and never informed of that when we made our reservation. We received our bill and were charged $8 per drink for call liquor in very small glasses. Beware of the hidden charges. I think the boasting of belly dancers is only a ploy to get people into the restaurant. Food was OK but don't go back. I feel like they lied to all of us. - angieg, 09/16/2003

Hi All - Please think twice before going to this place. We USED to love going to Arkadash. But now that they are making a little money there, they have dropped their level of service. Not to mention when we got our bill, there was a mysterious $15 charge per person. I don't mind paying a cover charge if there is something posted somewhere stating that there is a $15 fee per person. But no one likes surprises like that! Come on Guys ~ that's not the way to run a business. Thunbs down - - One Disappointed Customer, 08/11/2003

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