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Artist's Cafe

412 S Michigan
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Detail for Artist's Cafe : Restaurant, American / Diner

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Located in the Fine Arts Building, this old-school diner offers delicious favorites. Menu items (average $9) include Chicken Caesar salad with homemade dressing and freshly grilled and seasoned chicken. Also offered are burgers, gooey grilled cheese sandwiches, and bacon and eggs. A popular outdoor seating area on Michigan Avenue is ideal for people watching. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. - Alotta, 10/24/2005

when i go there i always order the capone burger. its f'ing great. - anonymous, 01/04/2008

My boyfriend and I saw this restaurant on our way to Venetian Night yesterday and decided to try it. Never again. Our waiter really left ALOT to be desired! When we got our food, in 3 minutes ( which was good), I had the Gyros Sandwich which was 8.95 and the sauce was very watery. He had the hambruger and between us, the bill was 27.99. NOT exactly cheap! And he stood there, and my boyfriend casually said, ' Do you need this paid for now?' Our waiter said yes. He went to flip hum his Visa and the waiter, said 'We only

Chicago , Artist's Cafe

take Am-Ex.' Ok, Well if we were told that when we GOT there ( there was NO sign indicating this) or have been told we only take cash, it would have been ok, and we would have been well informed, which we were NOT! Like we had to pay so we don't skip out without paying. I could see that policy. That is ok. But our waiter didd NOT NOT even come around to see how our food was, ask if we were ok, do we need refills or anything. VERY, VERY POOR, DISGUSTING SERVICE! The food was good and enough to tide us over for the night, but was WELL NOT WORTH what we paid for it! The whole restaurant and our 'waiter' was NOT VERY ACCOMODATING. And the topper, was that we had to use the respective restrooms, and the busboy told us they were on the tenth floor ( which was ok), BUT NO ELEVATOR. I told my boyfriend, ' Let's go to the Congress Hotel, where we can be ACCOMODATED.' I ain't walking up 10

Chicago , Artist's Cafe

flights of stairs. Forget it! Are you nuts!? And then, when we first got there, I pointed out to the hostess, ' I see two tables; this one or that one.' She tols us, 'You can have the one by the back by the fence, but their was a problem with the a/c.' No biggie, I thought.' So we sat down, and all of a sudden, I felt dripping on my arm. I looked at my arm and said, 'Where is that dripping coming from?' The gentleman sitting next to me, said, ' That's the AC.' I guess their were no other tables left, but thank god we didn't stay long. In short, this restaurant stinks for customer service and accomodations and your prices for what they give you are totally, 100%, unequivicably OUTRAGEOUS!!! TERRIBLE!
- Phyllis, 07/31/2005

This was a huge disappointment. The older woman (probably the owner) was very, very rude. They only take American Express or cash. They have a cash machine but you have to pay to use it. Drinks are $7.50 and very small. Food was so,so. If you eat outside, you must pay before your food is served, making you seem like a thief. - Sheri, 05/22/2005


Aris is really nice and likes all of the cafe's customers and treats them like family - janet, 05/21/2002

This is located within walking distance of Symphony Hall, and remains open after performances. They offer mostly American cuisine, but I had Byzantium chicken, which was a chicken breast marinated in lemon and garlic with feta cheese melted on top. I recommend it! The only weird thing is that the only credit card accepted was American Express. Still, I suggest trying this restaurant. - ItalianPiano, 04/04/2002

Best coffee in Chicago. - Scott G, 10/24/2005

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