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Detail for Bandera : Restaurant, American

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Open Mon - Thurs 11:30 am - 10 pm, Fri - Sat 11:30 am - 11 pm, Sun 12 pm - 9 pm. This sleek yet inviting restaurant features a great view of Michigan Avenue. Perfect for a stop while shopping or sightseeing, the cuisine includes roasted leg of lamb and chicken, barbeque salmon, and highly regarded black bean chili. - sys, 09/02/2002

Tried Bandera's based on the positive comments seen here. The atmosphere is indeed very nice, and the view of Michigan Ave is a bonus. The rotisserie chicken is tantalizingly displayed when you enter so I was anxious to try it. It was very moist and tender but fairly bland as was the rice. Kind of disappointing. My daughter ordered the prime-rib French dip which would have been much better if the fat had been removed before putting the meat on the sandwich. The mashed potatoes were quite good, but they were a second choice since the fries-making machine wasn't working. Not by any means a terrible experience, but it seems that the ambiance comes first, food second.

Chicago , Bandera

- kevinS, 08/01/2007

We were fortunate to dine at Bandera for the first time on Saturday evening. What a wonderful experience. My son and I were impressed with the service and the atmospher. And the Food was outstanding, the grilled sea bass was out of this world and my steak melted in my mouth. Definately will be dining there again. Well worth the money. - KarenP, 02/05/2007

This is one of my all time favorites. I used to live in Phoenix and enjoy the Bandera in Scottsdale. I now live in Green Bay WI and go out of my way to get to the Bandera in Chicago. The Macho chicken salad is the best! - Aimee, 09/06/2006

My wife has been chasing her tail around the internet trying to find the recipie for your cornbread. It is one of her favorite things in this world. -, 06/18/2003

Enjoyed a beautiful meal at Bandera on 3/13/2003 with five friends and colleagues. Beautiful surroundings, attentive staff, fine food, reasonable prices, and very cool jazz to boot! I'll be back. - J.R. Pollicita, 03/19/2003

Bandera is the most romantic restaurant my boyfriend and I have ever been

Chicago , Bandera

to. We enjoyed the overall atmosphere and not to mention the food was out of this world. It's just a great place to go all year round. What we really enjoyed the best was the lighting and the music. Bandera has such a wonderful romantic atmosphere that shouid bring all couples there.
- marie hamel, 09/25/2002

Bandera was amazing!! You must try the banana cream pie desert covered in bananas and caramel. Rotisserie chicken was incredibly succulent and tasty! - Dennis & Pam Smith, 09/03/2002

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