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Beverly Woods Restaurant

11532 S Western

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Detail for Beverly Woods Restaurant : Restaurant, American

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Beverly Woods is a great place and it is located in a nice place. I have been working their for a while and I love the place, so many friendly people. - Erika C, 08/02/2006

This place is great! Great food, great parties, great service. It's my favorite place to eat! The bar is beautiful... McGann's Pub is fun place. - Margaret, 08/20/2004

this place is unreal. grat ambience and homestyle cooking is amazing. the price is so cheap for such good food. i have no idea how they do it. bill mcgann is the owner and he is well known around chicago and very well respected. tony menti........ - anonymous, 04/11/2004

you always have a great time at this place. there is just something in the air. my girlfriends and i have so much fun with the owner who is very funny and always keeps us laughing.... - linda, 03/04/2004

what a place! the food is unreal. great neighborhood atmosphere and the banquets are incredible. they are always working and updating that old building. it is a piece of history. everyone you know from any age has been there for one thing or another and i have heard nothing but praise for the food and service. one of the best.......... - mike genoa, 02/27/2004

everyone who is everyone hangs out in their lounge,,,,,a well kept secret for neighborhood regulars...i think they like it that refreshing.. - larry rainer, 08/19/2003

i met the owner several times. bill mcgann is his name. he knows his stuff and is a great guy. it is a well run ship. great food. - tom paul, 07/18/2003

I HAD MY FAMILY REUNION THERE IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!! - jeanetta johnson, 06/29/2003

Chef Andrae makes sure that the place is in tip top shape. The rolls are delicious and the soups are fabulous. I had my bridal shower there and everyone was raving about the food and nice service. - mary lou, 12/08/2002

BEVERLY WOODS HAS GREAT FOOD SERVED BY GREAT PEOPLE. My family and I come up here often-- it's a real neighborhood place. - Mary, 10/09/2002

I had my class reunion there it was wonderful - Lisa Campbell, 08/19/2002

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