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Bistro 110 (closed)

110 E Pearson
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Detail for Bistro 110 (closed) : Restaurant, French / Jazz

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Menu selections ($15-26) include marine sea scallops, filet of salmon, tuna filet mignon, chicken w/ roasted vegetables, steak au poivre, "the roubuchon lamb", sauteed veal paillard with mushrooms, poisson roti du jour. Desserts include bread pudding with brandy, chocolate layer cake with caramel and toffee, baked cinnamon tart with vanilla ice cream, and lemon tartette wipped with creme fraiche on a homeade graham cracker crust. Excellent service. Outdoor patio open during warmer months. Open: Sun: 11:00a.m.-10:00p.m.; Mon.-Thur., 11:30a.m.-11:00p.m.; Fri.-Sat.: 11:30a.m.-midnight. Brunch: Sun: 11:00a.m.-3:00p.m. Accepts: M.V.D.A.DS. & Reservations. - sys, 08/17/2002

Just returned from dinner with future in laws. 6 people. Poor table selection from the get go, near the busing area. Had to insist on moving to alternate table. Drink orders taken. Drinks show up 15 minutes later! Bread not replenished on a timely basis. Water service extremely slow. Had to ask bus boy for glass of wine as waiter no where to be found. House specialty 'seared tuna'. I confirmed with waiter that I did not want my tuna overcooked. It came like shoe leather! Sent back to kitchen.

Chicago , Bistro 110

New 'tastless' replacement came in less than 5 minutes. One of the party had the lamb and was disappointed by the lack of taste. Two others had steaks that were good but overcooked. One person had the filet with pepper sauce and was very pleased. Since I paid the $400 tab and suffered the terrible tuna and slow service, I feel that for the general good of other hopeful diners and gastronomics that perhaps they should consider an alternative to Bistro 110. I won't be back nor will my son have his rehearsal dinner there, which was the reason for being there in the first place. Au Voir
- Peter and Mary et al, 05/24/2003

We are looking forward to our annual trek to the Windy City from the suburbs of the Motor City. Thankgsgiving would not be the same with out the day after lunch at the Walnut Room, shopping, shopping and more shopping followed by a wonderful dinner at the Bistro. This has been a family tradition for many years. I have made our reservations and can't wait. My kids (16 & 21) won't

Chicago , Bistro 110

let us go anywhere else. The baked garlic, the lamb, the steak, oh my. My wife also loves your Creme Brule.
- Bill Camp 11/17/2001, 11/18/2001

A few friends and i had visited Chicago last winter. We happened to hear about your restaurant from a friend. My friend will agree with me in saying that this was one of the best restaurants i've ever been to! The food was unbelievable and the atmosphere added to our enjoyment. One dish in particular that comes to mind was the angel hair pasta with pesto. It was incredible! I just wanted to say that our visit to Bistro 110 added to the enjoyment of the trip, and we will be visiting your restaurant on our next visit to Chicago. Thanks, Beth DeLong ( - Beth DeLong, 02/23/2001

My girlfriend and I visited Bistro 110 for the first time last night (Valentines day 2001). The food was excellent but the service was something to be desired. We are both in our low/mid 20's, and the waiter seemed to care much more about the older couples sitting around us than the young couple sitting across from us and us. He visited the

Chicago , Bistro 110

other tables 2-3 times for every time he stoped by our table. We were not asked if we would like another drink when our wine glasses were empty but instead served more water by the buss staff. We were done with dinner for about 15 minutes before our waiter brought our desert menu's, and seemed very unfriendly when we asked questions about the dishes. Cudo's to the chef on preparing a wonderful peper crusted steak and a great french onion soup, as well as the scallops that my girlfriend had, but the service did not live up to my expectations and I truely feel that is a dirrect result of stereotyping by our waiter based on our age.
- Marc Yarbrough - Wheeling, IL, 02/15/2001

If anyone is looking for the ultimate Bistro experience in Chicago, why haven't you made reservations yet. you won't be sorry. - JB, 02/24/2004

Loved it! The first restaurant I ate at in Chicago - and a place I will visit again and again!!! A must for atmosphere goers!!! - Melissa Weber, 09/01/1999

This bastion of the Levy Restaurant empire continues to pack in happy eaters. The cuisine is primarily French, but there is a raw bar as well. Expect attentive yet not overbearing service as you enjoy appetizers such as wood-roasted mushrooms seasoned with thyme and rosemary, or a Belgian endive salad with a medallion of warm goat cheese and sherry vinaigrette. Entrees include "The Robuchon Lamb' in Staub Cocotte, a tender lamb shank rubbed in a unique spice blend and stewed in its own juices for nearly a day, and served with a variety of stewed root vegetables. Lighter fare includes Salade du Jardin with either ham or chicken, big enough for two decent-sized meals and just as crisp and tasty the next day after sitting overnight in the fridge. The oven-roasted half chicken meal consists of perfectly browned meat with an array of roasted vegetables. Other entrees include braised beef oxtail, steak au poivre, and wood-roasted whole fish. Wine list and specialty cocktails available; desserts include baked apple cinnamon tart with warm caramel and almond cream, served a la mode if you'd like. - Alotta, 09/26/2003

Wow, where to start. First off never had any of the eight of us had a worse waiter, he was beyond rude, never once smiled, rushed us from the beginning. As soon as we sat down within minutes he was trying to take our orders and was peaved that we were not ready yet. The rack of lamb was blah and one needed a chain saw to get it off the bone. The tuna ewww was tasteless, the tuna sandwich at Portillo's has more taste. Desserts were boring and flavorless, my niece's mini bake oven bakes a better cake. Never in all my dining experiences did a restaurant just suck as much as this one. - Lisa Frio, 02/25/2004

Bistro 110  , Chicago

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